One of the most common questions for animators is whether they can work from home. Thanks to the increasing demand for work opportunities, professionals can support themselves as an animation maker online.

Corporate video ads are a hot commodity, so those who work as an animation maker online are presented with lots of work opportunities. Just like other online jobs, animating takes skill, talent, and a good attitude.

Around 57 percent of animators are self-employed, and most of them work from home. With an average annual income of over $75,000, this job comes with a lot of perks. If you want to become a 3D animation maker, 2D animation maker, or animation maker for kids, you’re on the right page.

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What Is an Animation Maker Online?

Animators use computers, tablets, and paper, along with other mediums, to create moving images that provide information or tell a cohesive story. These people work with production teams and clients to make storyboards, refine animations, design characters, and achieve project goals.

For someone who works as an animator maker online, they need to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of their job, as well as how to use different software. A 2D animation maker or 3D animation maker is usually tasked to read through a script and communicate with clients online to understand what they need.

Since an animation maker online works from home or in a co-working space, they need to have access to personal computers and software to provide what their clients need. Purchasing these necessities may be expensive, but it will be worth it.

An animation maker online is not required to have a degree in graphic design, computer animation, fine arts, and other related fields. However, proficiency in animation platforms, education, and experience are highly preferred.

Doing project-based work

Many of those who work as an online animation maker do project-based freelancing. Meaning, their work is done on a project basis, which means they charge a flat fee for an entire project no matter how long it takes for them to complete the work needed. Many smaller companies do not have an animation team. So these companies hire an animation maker online for projects.

A typical project for an online animation maker is a job on logo design, together with an explainer video. In a lot of cases, the professional is expected to take care of the majority of the project aspects. Because of this, having a wide range of skills is helpful to get more projects and produce a better output.

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Permanent freelancing

Not every animation maker online works freelance for different brands. There are also those who lend their services to a company permanently. But officially, they are still called a freelancer. This is uncommon and usually occurs when both companies benefit from the professional relationship. This type of set-up is highly beneficial in a way that professionals can have a steady stream of work.

Tips for Professionals Working Online

Every online animation maker needs to stay on top of their game and get through all the challenges they face. Here are some useful tips that can help you succeed.

Bank on your portfolio

Even if you already have a steady stream of clients and customers, you still need to keep working hard and update your reel from time to time. Remember, your demo reel represents you as an artist and a business professional.

As much as you can, place new work on your freelance profile or website regularly and make it professional. New clients usually look for high-quality outputs, and they are turned off by typographical errors on your website or contact information. A minor mistake may be the reason why you’ll miss out on a high-paying job. Just keep in mind that clients expect to see nothing short of the best from you – from your website, demo reel, and even e-mail interactions.

Practice cold calling

Cold calling potential customers is one of the most challenging tasks for those who work as an animation maker online. But while many individuals hate this practice because it’s nerve-wracking, it’s essential to hit the phone, or else you may be missing out on new business opportunities.

If you do not like the idea of calling companies out of the blue, try starting with references. When you’ve delivered an output that customers are pleased with, don’t hesitate to let them know that you’d highly appreciate it if they’d recommend you to their colleagues and friends. This way, you can gather a list of people and companies to get in contact with. If your referrals don’t work, it’s still a great idea to call potential customers and let them know about your previous work. This will boost your reputation and increase your chances of getting a return call.

Network with others

There are professionals who love this part of the job, but others loathe doing it. If you’re part of the latter group, prepare yourself because this is something you have to do. Networking is a practice that is here to stay, and it is one of the most important aspects of your job. As much as you can, attend talks, workshops, seminars, conferences, and networking events. Networking will help you get in contact with a new business opportunity, and you can get your name out there in the field.

No matter how shy or introverted you are, there is no excuse to skip this tip. If attending in-person events gives you anxiety, try starting with top online animation maker platforms such as Bunny Studio to find new clients. You can also keep up with your colleagues and friends with who you’ve collaborated on projects. Use this connection because it’s a great start to networking. Rather than treating networking as a hassle, think of it as a winning strategy that will help you increase your income.

How much time do you need to work?

Perhaps the most obvious difference of an animation maker online from someone who works in a studio is that they don’t need to go to the office every day. That may sound silly, but working as an animation maker online will give you a lot of free time. This could either be scary or fun, depending on your current financial situation.

As someone who works online, you have to be very vigilant about how you plan your finances. While you can make more money per day compared to when you’re working full-time, there will also be periods when you will have no income. As a responsible professional, you have to prepare yourself for those instances.

Quoting your price

Knowing how to quote your price as an animation maker online is essential if you don’t want to lose time and money. The first step is to get all the information about the project to help you make an educated guess on what the budget is. Ask your client how long the animation will be, the content of the action, how many characters you have to animate, or if there is a specific style they want you to do. You should also inquire about what specific duties they expect from you. Will you be the one to take care of the audio, storyboard, and designs?

Now that you’ve gathered information, ask your client what their budget is. It may be hard for mid-level companies to answer this question because they want to get you on board with as little money as possible, so they don’t want to risk telling you a higher amount than you would charge. Just make them feel at ease.

Determining your price

To calculate the amount, think of how many hours or days it would take for you to complete the project and double it. For example, if you think it will take you three days to finish an animated video, then charge six days for it. So if your daily rate is $100 per workday, multiply it by six, and you will get $600 for the entire project.

The reason you should do this is not to get more cash out of your clients. As a matter of fact, money is not even the thing on your mind right now – it’s time. Expect that there will be changes, communication issues, and a lot more things that will take more of your time than expected. These things will affect your ability to complete a project, as well as your capacity to take on more outside work.

From there, you can negotiate with your client if necessary. If the client is requesting a lower amount, it’s completely up to you to decide. You may choose to get paid below your quote for personal reasons such as if the project is for a non-profit, or if it’s a slow week. Remember, you’re the boss.

Animation maker online for creative projects

Stay updated

As an animation maker online, you also have to be tech-savvy. You are not only an artist but also an entrepreneur. So you have to establish a strong online presence. Use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and image-heavy sites such as Pinterest to strengthen your branding.

Be sure to spend a couple of minutes every day on social media to get your name out. You don’t have to update it every single day, but you have to maintain a presence. As a professional, people expect you to be creative. So feel free to use your accounts to share personal work that shows off your style. This is also a place where you can meet new artist friends and find news to inspire you.

Adjust to change

One of the best aspects of working as an online animation maker is you have the ability to choose your own work, where you want to work, and how much you work. But you have to adapt to every unexpected change you will encounter – and there will be a lot. For instance, a company might give you feedback or request changes you disagree with. This is a normal part of the job. Unfortunately, you have to let them take control. It’s hard to do, but it’s what they paid you for. Remember that these clients are responsible for keeping you in business.

Good Luck On Your Animation Maker Online Journey

As technology advances, more people recognize the value of an animation maker online. Individuals who pursue this opportunity are up for a great career ahead. Once you become successful, you can choose the projects you take on, set your schedule, and expand to larger projects.