This year is winding to a close, and as with every year, we like to take a little time and show gratitude. Just as the new year brings the sparkle of new promise and new goals, the end of a year is a perfect time for reflection. No matter what a year brings, we believe there is always something to be thankful for. 

As a remote, global company, we know that working from home and not in an office environment brings its own challenges, but also its own benefits. Though we are not physically together, we are a team and continue to support one another and provide opportunities for growth, graciousness, and thankfulness throughout our remote work.

Gratefulness is a big part of positivity, and many people, including some of our team members, have kept a gratitude journal.  This provides a spot to record thoughts and always find that glimmer of gratefulness. A journal and being mindful of gratefulness can improve mental health and help us cope with mental health issues. With the prevalence of mental health issues and people dealing with them today, a journal or other ways of noticing mindfulness and being thankful can bring a little optimism into a space where it may not be apparent.

With this being said, we want to share what some of our team members are thankful for. Perhaps this can provide a cycle of thankfulness, of gratefulness, and appreciation of what we are blessed to have. Maybe it’s not the big stuff, but every day that can provide joy and gratitude. Let’s take a look at what our people working from home have to say.

Personal responses from our team 

Here’s what our team members who spend their days working remote are thankful for. We hope this can provide a space for you to reflect on your life and find gratitude as well. Gratitude is an amazing coping skill, easy to practice, free of cost, and so beneficial.

Vitor Heinzen, our UI Designer says this,

The mentors I’ve had and the things I’ve learned from – and with them. The designers I’ve helped to grow in their careers.  The friends who are close to me. My wife and her career and my career as a designer

Sylvana Bernal, Senior Customer Experience Associate says this:

I’m most grateful for my health, my quirky family, laughter with my friends, sunshine, and music. Freedom to be who I am, my dog, and a good night’s rest.

Leonardo Mojica, Senior Customer Experience Associate

The simple yet poignant answer is, “Science.”

Jeremiah Ajiyi, Mid Full-Stack Developer

Another seemingly simple, but so relevant and beautiful answer, “just being alive with my family.”

Lady Pinzón, Mid Full-Stack Developer says:

What I am most thankful for is having had university studies with the help of a scholarship, because my family did not have enough resources, and I feel that this led me to be the person I am today and has allowed me to achieve so many personal and professional goals.

Angela Ordoñez, Mid Full-Stack Developer says this:

My family. Always if I get a chance to thank someone in the best possible way I will start with my family, and also I’m thankful for the opportunity to work in something that I really enjoy and I feel passionate about. And my boyfriend and future husband who has been my mentor and my support whenever I have needed it.

Finding your gratitude

As we mentioned, the end of the year is a perfect time to take a moment and reflect on what you’re grateful for. Whether it’s family or friends, your job or your hobbies, take a moment and be thankful. Maybe it’s your dog’s sweet face greeting you every morning or that cappuccino you’ve learned to master, a new yoga pose, or the sunset. It’s all about what you are grateful for.

Intention and mindful gratitude are truly helpful to both the mind and body. Researchers have been looking into this for some time, and an article in Psychology Today shares that “gratitude may play an important role in helping us thrive” through helping us hold onto relationships and boosting our well-being.

Some points we see in this article are the importance of a gratitude journal and how writing about your gratitude is a positive and happy experience. In fact, writing about gratitude spills over into daily life and helps you feel happier in most aspects of life. Perhaps it’s that small moment of noticing and reflecting.

Another point is that gratitude can help alleviate stress and negativity. The world isn’t always easy, we all know that. But if you can find gratitude even in challenging moments, your stress level can stay lower. Think about this situation – you finish your workday, there is a meal to prepare, a family to tend with (who is probably stressed, too), and a house to clean. But what about if you look at this “I’m happy to have a warm, safe home to clean. My job is frustrating sometimes but allows me to feed my family. I know they are stressed sometimes, but at least we have each other, we are healthy and safe.” This way of thought not only gives you purpose, but also support.

Gratitude can also keep us healthier; maybe it’s that lower stress level. Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, from heart issues to poor sleep habits to anxiety. By giving ourselves some love through gratitude, we can soothe ourselves and remain healthier.

The simplicity of gratitude

Many of the things that are good for us are time consuming or expensive. Or both. Gratitude, however, is cost-free and takes no time. Yes, some people like a journal, but there are many other ways to be mindfully grateful. Take a look at our list:

  • As you get in bed, tell yourself three things you’re thankful for
  • As you wait for your coffee to brew, think about what joy you will find in your day, even if it’s just that cup of coffee.
  • Notice the people around you and how they support you.
  • When you have to take your dog out or do another daily chore, be in the moment. Appreciate the quiet moment and the time to reflect.
  • Take a deep breath. Feel it go through your body and be thankful for that breath and your body.
Take a moment, relish what you are grateful for, be mindfully thankful, and happy new year!

Be grateful

Maybe this year didn’t go as planned. Perhaps you suffered and struggled. But you made it. That is something to be grateful for. Look at our team members’ thankful stories. They’re not about travel and possessions and travel. We are thankful for family and health and science. Take a moment, relish what you are grateful for, be mindfully thankful, and happy new year!