With more than 1 billion active users, there’s no denying Facebook’s potential for marketing is unbelievably powerful for big and small brands alike. By now, you might have even noticed a surge in video ads all over your Facebook stories and news feed. These ads were made by a video ads creator.

Only a couple of years ago, Facebook advertisements were only in the form of a paragraph or image, but now, video ads are taking over the scene. To make a video ad, you need to work with a videographer, a video editor, and sometimes, even a voice-over artist. Then, you can upload your output to Facebook. From there, you can customize the video description, budget, thumbnail, and the audience you want to see your ad.

More marketers are hopping onboard video ads because it performs best in conversions. But with the spike in video ads on Facebook also came tough competition. It has become harder for brands to stand out. So how can you set up your video ad to become more successful? We’ve gathered everything you need to know about it below.

About Facebook Video Ads

Remember the last time you watched your favorite show on TV? Chances are, you were interrupted by commercial breaks. Well, Facebook video ads function like commercial breaks on TV.

Why Should Businesses Run Facebook Ads?

Online video accounts for a staggering 50 percent of mobile traffic. Video ads on Facebook are the ultimate way to ensure that current and potential customers remember your brand and visit your website.

Videos also have a higher chance of reaching viral status on Facebook. But more than that, releasing Facebook video ads is a strategy that does wonders in engaging and converting website visitors. It even pushes customers down your sales funnel whether you want them to sign up for your e-mail marketing or fuel their engagement on your social media channels.

How to Set Up Facebook Ads

Now that you know what Facebook video ads are, it’s time to learn how to set them up. To get your video ads up and running, we’ve created an easy instruction guide for you.

Before you start uploading your ad, you need to know what your objectives are. For example, if you want to reach more people, select the Video Views objective. Also, make sure that your video’s format meets the specifications needed so Facebook can deliver it seamlessly.

To create video ads, go to Ads Manager. Then, select +Create. Pick an objective that supports your video ad, then press continue.

Now, you can finally select your placements, audience, and optimization. By default, Facebook selects automatic placements for your ad. This means that it will automatically show across eligible placements. You can edit this by clicking Manual Placements.

Next, you can upload your video to the ads manager. To do this, click Add Media, then select Add Video.

After you’ve uploaded your Facebook video, you can trim or crop it, as well as customize your thumbnail image. If you can, hire a designer to make you a thumbnail to make sure it looks good. When you’re done selecting the thumbnail, you can add your links, tracking, and text. Finally, click confirm to publish it.

Parts of A Facebook Video Ad

If you want to be a serious Facebook video ads creator, you need to be familiar with the different parts of a Facebook video ad. Understanding all these parts will enable you to attract and convert more customers.

Account link

The account link contains the link to your Facebook account. This is differentiated from normal Facebook videos through the word “sponsored” that is displayed near your account link.


This is the copy above your video. The primary text contains more than 125 characters. It is recommended to put your most important information in the first sentence since this may be truncated, and viewers may have to click the read more button so they can see the full text.

Video view

This part of your ad is where your video is located. Users can decide if they want videos to automatically play with or without sound or just show a thumbnail image until they press play.


Although it’s called headline, this part of your video ad is located below your video. It only contains 40 characters. There is also a chance it may be truncated, so it won’t be automatically visible.

Call to action

On the lower-right hand of your ad, there will be a clickable button. Facebook has a pre-set list of call to action options such as “Shop now” when you create your ad.

Follow These Requirements If You Are A Facebook Ads Creator

When you’re making ads, make sure to follow these requirements. If you don’t, the ad may look weird, or Facebook may disapprove of it. Each ad, whether it’s in-feed or stories, comes with a set of specifications that brands are expected to follow. There are five major requirements you need to be aware of.

First is the file type. Facebook can support GIF, MP4, and MOV. The second requirement is the aspect ratio. For in-feed ads, 9:16 portrait and 16:9 horizontal ads are all supported. However, a 4:5 ratio for in-feed ads is recommended, so you won’t get a black bar on the side of the video.

The next requirement is the video length. For in-feed ads, videos can last from one second to 241 minutes. If you plan on releasing a longer ad, make sure it is written well. You can even hire a transcriptionist for your subtitle.  An in-feed ad also accepts likes, shares, and comments, so make sure the content is interesting enough to warrant engagement.

The fourth requirement is resolution. The minimum resolution for all ad placements is 1080 x 1080. The last requirement is the file size. As a rule, video ads that are bigger than 4GB will be disapproved of.

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How Can Facebook Video Ads Help You Reach Marketing Milestones?

We’ve rounded up a couple of reasons why it’s important to hire a Facebook video ads creator for any type of business.

Users love video

When ads include video, you will be helping Facebook achieve one of its goals, which is to provide content its users crave. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg even said in 2016 that in a few years, the majority of content people will consume will be videos. Since then, Facebook has been focusing on becoming the premiere ad-supported video platform in the world.

Not only that, but Facebook users are also satisfied with the shift to video. More than half of users in the U.S. watch a video on the platform every day. Considering this, ads done by a Facebook video ads creator will truly help attract new customers to the platform.

It’s more engaging

People love videos so much that they will spend time watching and engaging with them compared to other forms of content. This is true, especially considering that people look at video content longer than static ones.

Video is more engaging to your customer’s senses because it tells relevant information by showing and telling. It also showcases your brand story better compared to photos and articles, therefore increasing your ad’s emotional impact. Soon, this will help you build a more solid relationship with the viewers.

It will give you the best return on investment

Still think hiring a Facebook video ads creator is a waste of money? What if we tell you that almost all businesses say that video gives them the best return on investment? Although video production does not come cheap, it will still pay off. Besides, it’s so easy to hire someone to make your video online. Thanks to platforms like Bunny Studio, your choices have become more accessible and affordable. You can even shoot an ad with your smartphone and commission someone to edit it.

Even if you produce your own Facebook video ad, don’t fret because it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s the main content that matters most. As long as you explain your service or product clearly, you can get the attention of people. Think of your video ad like cake – even when it’s bad, it’s still good!

It converts more

Perhaps the major reason why brands are now hiring a Facebook video ads creator is that video ads do not just interest viewers, it also encourages them to convert better.

Videos outperform plain text and images on Facebook. Analytics also signals this trend. When you examine your likes, comments, shares, and other social interactions, you will see that the video is more successful in captivating your target audience.

The Importance of Optimization

You cannot simply upload a video ad on Facebook and expect it to have amazing results. The first three seconds of your video must deliver amazing value, or else people won’t continue watching it. This is why having a Facebook video ads creator on your team is key.

Although people may sit down in front of their computer or their TV to watch longer videos, this is not the case for Facebook users on mobile. The attention span of younger generations on Facebook is significantly less, so you need to optimize your video to reach your target audience so it can be more successful.

Excited to Make Video Ads for Facebook?

If you’re still unsure about hiring a Facebook video ads creator or becoming one, we have one more big reason to do it: all your competition is creating Facebook video ads and getting the attention of your potential customers. Now, you finally don’t have to wonder whether or not you should include Facebook video ads in your marketing strategy.