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This post has been updated in September 2021.

What Is an Expository Essay?

To understand what expository essays are, let’s begin with the basics.

What is an expository essay?

The term “expository” comes from the word “exposition.” In simple words, exposing a matter means speaking extensively about it in a manner that readers can understand. Thus, the primary role of an expository essay is to discuss a topic in depth.

This type of structured academic writing leverages factual evidence. Nevertheless, it is different from argumentative essays, which allow writers to express their opinion on a topic. Instead, expository writing follows a neutral viewpoint and focuses entirely on giving a factual analysis.

Expository Essays: What is their Key Role?

Beyond asking “what is an expository essay,” it’s crucial to understand its role. The primary goal of expository writing is to issue a balanced, factual description of a subject.

Its structure allows the writer to give clear and sensible explanations of complicated info rather than proving a point or express their opinion on a topic.

Many sectors use this method of writing to achieve the same purpose. So, for example, you’ll find expository essays in:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Science
  • Medicine
  • Law

Whichever the case, be sure to stick to an expository essay’s primary goal.

Remember, websites like Bunny Studio have a pool of writers with the skillsets to tackle essays from all sectors.

The 5 Types of Expository Essays You Should Know

Your assignment instructions will prompt you to produce a specific kind of essay. With many subcategories under this umbrella, it’s essential to understand which style to focus on before starting the essay.

Below are the five types of essays under expository writing:

  1. Cause-Effect: This type expects the creative to explain the reasons something occurred and its impact or effect.
  2. Comparison Essay: For this project, the writer picks two ideas and expounds on their similarities and disparities.
  3. Descriptive: This kind of expository essay gives a detailed analysis of facts about an issue. The subject might be an individual, item, person, or encounter. This type allows the writer to be creative without overstretching the limit.
  4. Problem & Remedy: For this expository essay, you must identify and define a specific problem and give a detailed explanation of possible logical solutions.
  5. How-to/Process Essay: Process essays detail the steps involved in a process. They explain to readers how to do something from scratch to finish.

Before embarking on exposition, remember to confirm the type of essay needed for that specific project.

After this, begin research and gather the info you need to hit the ground running.

N/B: It is crucial to remember the importance of sticking to the third-person form when writing your essay. Using the first-person form may make it sound like you’re stating personal opinions.

How to Write an Expository Essay

Now that you’ve read ‘what is an expository essay and its various types,’ let’s learn how to write one in this section.

Remember, research should precede all essay writing tasks. But where do you begin your discussion once you’ve gathered all the data sets you need?

First, you need to understand what is the proper format to follow. However, if you feel you don’t have enough time to deal with the intricacies, you can always outsource your work to us.

Those who still want to go the DIY route should know that expository essays follow the MLA format. Therefore, your writing should be under this type of format.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with this type of format before proceeding to write your essay.

what is an expository essay

Here are the steps to follow afterward:

1.    Gather all the facts upfront

As hinted above, you should start all essay writing sessions by doing extensive research on the topic of interest.

Preparing these facts upfront will simplify your task down the road.

Once you begin, everything flows. This allows you to create a detailed paper; furnished with factual data and free of fluff.

Remember, do not try to research as you write.  Doing this may slow you down and lead to a disorganized paper.

2.    Create a draft and outline

Before you start writing the expository letter after researching, it’s crucial to spend quality time organizing your research work into orderly points.

When pondering over the topic and possible discussion points, develop an outline of the info you’d like to include per paragraph.

3.    Introduce your topic

All essays begin with a topic sentence that highlights your thesis or the essay’s primary subject.

An excellent thesis statement should be simple. So simple and straightforward that you can easily justify it in just three paragraphs.

For instance, if you are writing a problem and solution essay, you must state both the issue and remedy in your thesis.

4.    Write 3-4 paragraphs for the body

What is an expository essay like in the body section? How many paragraphs should you include?

Each paragraph must focus solely on a specific issue. This helps you break down the thesis you stated in the topic sentence.

Kindly don’t mix up points or try to throw in fluff to meet the page count. Instead, back up each statement with factual information to maintain the purpose of the discussion.

A better approach is to submit the project details to a reputable writing service. Freelance platforms tend to give access to a pool of creative professionals capable of tackling nearly all topics.

5.    Wrap up with a conclusion

Your conclusion should carry info that you have already discussed within the essay. This is the last chance to mention your thesis (once again), sum up the points in each paragraph, and wrap up your writing.

If you’re still asking what an expository essay is after coming this far, you probably need help handling your project.

6.    Proofread & Edit

Go through the paper to confirm that you’ve backed your thesis statement with proof from trusted sources. Moreover, ensure that you’ve communicated all the information in an unbiased manner.

Add the relevant citations and format your work to MLA. Then, use transition words to create a flowing and sensible expository essay.

Finish by reading through once more while correcting your grammar and vocabulary.

Should You Hire an Expert to Write Your Expository Essay Paper?

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What a Professional Writing Service Does for You

There are multiple benefits to trusting an expert academic writer with your college assignments. Expert essay writes guarantee:

  • Thoroughly-researched work
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  • Accurate formatting and well-placed citations
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Competent essay writers take care of everything from research to conclusion.

Hence, once you provide all the instructions, sit back and wait for the deliverable.

Identifying a Competent Essay Writing Company

While you enjoy lots of benefits in assigning your paper to someone else, choosing the exemplary service (and candidate) guarantees work that’s tailored to your needs.

Thus, consider the following when searching for an expert essay writing service:

  • What’s the estimated turn-around time?
  • What do clients say about them?
  • Who is handling your work?
  • Do they revise and correct your paper for free, or an extra charge applies?
  • Is their customer support team responsive?
  • How much do they charge per page?

Asking these questions upfront is crucial in ensuring you wind up with a top-notch service that won’t disappoint you. It also reduces the to and fro corrections that make this process hectic.

Final Word on “What is an Expository Essay”

Understanding the various essay types is essential in producing an accurate paper.

Expository writing discusses a topic in depth by stating facts and backing with data from trustworthy sources. However, they do not include the writer’s opinions and are often written in the third-person narrative.

Remember, expository essays are divided into five categories. So it’s crucial to double-check assignment instructions.

Moreover, sum up all your points in just five paragraphs, each focusing on a specific issue. Also, be referring back to your thesis once in a while to avoid straying off-topic.

This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you do thorough research upfront. If you still find this process hectic or need help with multiple essays, hire an essay writer from a trusted website.

(If you decide to outsource an assignment, provide all the project instructions to get a custom paper. You may want to stick around or maintain helpful contact in case the freelancer needs any clarifications).