Hello everyone, and welcome back to our “What’s New” section! We’re very glad to say that this feature has had a warm reception, and we’re happy to keep the momentum going. So, buckle up, because we’ve got plenty of exciting news for August!

We always put a premium on ease of use and comfort for our users. And this month we’re showcasing several changes we know you’ll love!

First off, we’ve made it much easier for you to get quotes on individual Video pro skills.

You Can Now Quote a Variety of Video Services

We’ve always made it easy for you to hire a variety of pros in different categories. Of course, Video is no exception to this golden rule.

Before this recent change, you could only receive quotes for general video services, not specific ones. Therefore, we’ve listened to your comments, and now you can receive quotes for a variety of video services. 

This improvement will make it easier for you to book different video pro skills. Also, you’ll be able to quickly share the profile and quote with colleagues to make informed decisions without any hassle.

Curious about how this works? Let us walk you through an example. Click here to access a video producer’s profile. It should look like the picture below.

Now, all you have to do is choose the service you like from the drop-down list on the right. Whether it be 2D character animations, an intro or outro, motion graphics, or video editing, you can just choose from the available ones to find the right match.

After, you just input the duration of the video, and presto! It’s not only streamlined but completely automated, so every time you make a filter change we’ll update the price instantly.

Also, when you click on book now you can choose the type of project you want to go for; if you select Booking or Speedy, that will change the rates accordingly.

  • Speedy: Let our algorithms pick the best pro for you. Get your work done in record time!
  • Booking: Select a highly qualified pro from our pool, based on their samples. The pro will deliver work that you’ll love!

We’ve Updated Our Industry Pages!

Curious about our Industry Pages? 

Most of you, or clients, identify as creators, producers, or advertisers within different industries. The industry pages are meant to improve the flow of communication with you. Now, there’s a space within our platform where you can check our outsourcing content solutions tailored specifically to your line of work. 

But what else is new? For one, we’ve improved the way we communicate our value propositions towards eleven types of “personas,” or client styles. When you hover your mouse cursor over “value propositions” (see image below), you will see more details.

Value Propositions, Bunny Studio

We’ve Added Industry Pages to our Navigation Bar Too!

Now we’ve added these pages to the navbar, you can reach them with two clicks from anywhere on the platform. As a result, you’ll be able to get more detailed information about any particular field of expertise you’re interested in.

This is a full list of our renovated Industry Pages:

As always, you can trust us to deliver on every aspect. We pride ourselves not only on hard-hitting, quality content but also on listening to our users and giving them the best possible experience.

Bunny Studio is one of the best remote startups to work for

Building Remotely recognizes the remote startups that are going above and beyond to make companies an absolute pleasure to work at. They selected the best 20 best companies using 3 criteria:
  1. Internal culture
  2. Benefits provided
  3. Endorsement from their team.

Bunny Studio is the TOP 1. We are so glad to receive this recognition!

This is what they say about us:

Bunny Studio best remote company to work for
Bunny Studio, one of the best remote company to work for


Want to join the team? Apply here or send your CV to people@bunnystudio.com to be considered for new opportunities in the future.


We are launching our very first Podcast

If you follow us on Instagram and other social media you have seen it.

A limited-series Bunny Studio original, the “Geek Economy” podcast is going live next week!

From underdog startups to big brands, we’ve toured the globe to get you the insider scoops on both mainstream and niche industries. Dive deep with us into the realm of digital culture as we demystify the hottest trends in freelancing, marketplaces, the gig economy, and the future of work.

You will find all episodes links, notes, and transcriptions in our Gig Economy new category. 

Stay tuned for the big launch, and don’t forget to subscribe, share, and keep those bunny ears peeled for what’s coming!

The Bunny Studio Podcast


Keep checking back with us every month for more exciting news!