Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of “What’s New in Bunny Studio”. If you haven’t read it yet, here you have June 2021 Announcements. We’ve received a really positive reception for this new section, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. And, the good thing is that we’ve got even more to be happy about; it’s all good news from here on out, so get ready!

There’s plenty of surprises ahead, but first things first: our prices are down! 

We’ve Cut Our Prices!

We pride ourselves on being the #1 spot for quality voice actors and actresses, with over 28,000 Bunny Pros for voice-overs alone. And, our offer doesn’t end there; our Pros run the global gamut, with an ever-expanding range of languages, dialects, and voice types, A-to-Z. While we can’t understate the importance of English voice-overs, we understand very well that every language matters to make your voice heard and your message loud and clear.

That’s why we’ve cut our prices up to 40% for all non-English voice-overs! 

You’ve heard us right! We’ve made our prices even more competitive, which means that hiring amazing voice-over artists is now easier than ever. If you were thinking about reaching out globally and finding the perfect voice to match your vision, now’s the time to do it.

What motivated our decision? While English continues to be the powerhouse, we’ve seen sustained growth in the following languages:

As our clients continue to be bolder and embrace the power of the voice-over in multiple languages, we hope to see continued use of non-English speaking voices. We’ve slashed our prices as our personal way to say “we’re here for you!”

Audio Ads Contests Are Live!

You’re probably familiar with our Audio Ads services. Here, we’ve had the well-known fulfillment types Speedy (super-fast, in and out) and Booking (where you hire a pro directly). Now, we’ve got a third one: Contest.

A Contest is like Speedy times 3: you submit your project and we find the three best matching talents. Then, they all send auditions, and you choose the one you think is just right for you.

Here, you get one audio file per contestant. But what happens if you’re not quite satisfied at the end of the process or want more variety? You can click on “Get More Auditions,” include new instructions if necessary, and get three additional talents to pitch in. Easy, right?

And what if you need to listen to the work in the context of the final output to make a decision? No problem! You can now request post-production on any file and we’ll go the extra mile.

Finally, when you’re satisfied with the auditions, you can just pick your favorite and select a winner to get that talent to craft the final deliverable. Then, we’ll use that audio file to create the finalized, post-produced deliverable.

bunny studio, audio, contest
Audio Contests are Live!

New Status Features for Pros: “Unavailable” or “Vacation” Options

We know how important time off is to our Pros.  Even more so, we know how unpredictable life can be even in normal situations, and doubly so in these trying times. That’s why we’ve included the Unavailable and Vacation features on our Pros’ profiles so our clients can easily check their status.

We’ve made things clearer: before, you might’ve searched for a Pro you had worked with in the past only to not be able to find them because they were on vacation. Now, you’ll easily be able to view the Pro, their samples, and whether they’re available or not. 

This also helps our Pros, because they won’t receive messages about bookings when they’re taking some personal time off, or on some much-deserved R&R.

Payoneer Is Now Live for Our Pros

We’re all about providing our Pros with flexible, trustworthy payment options. Their work is valuable, and we believe that payments should be simple and hassle-free, just like the creative solutions they provide on our site.

We’ve always offered PayPal and Wire Transfers. Now, we’re proud to announce we’ve added Payoneer to the list. 

Payoneer is widely used in the freelancing industry as one of the go-to payment methods. It’s fast, it’s reliable, and it’ll help us better serve our current and future pros.

The best part? There are no transaction fees on our end. But, Payoneer will charge a small $3 for each withdrawal request. Then? A small wait of 2-5 business days (or sometimes even less) for Payoneer to process the transaction and for the money to show up in the Pro’s account.

We’re happy if you’re happy, and we’re glad to keep the good news coming!

Let us know how you feel in the comments below!