More people have started work from home jobs in recent years. And this trend is likely to continue. In fact, it is estimated that by 2028, a staggering 73 percent of all departments in companies will have remote workers.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of opportunities that will grant you the luxury of working from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the best options that will allow you to generate competitive earnings through work from home jobs.

Writing and Editing

If you’re great with words, there are loads of job opportunities out there for you. For these jobs, you need to have various prerequisite qualifications and skills so you can complete all responsibilities and duties clients expect from you. This may include a bachelor’s degree or experience in the field, proficiency with office software, exceptional social media writing skills, and SEO knowledge. You also need to be creative and flexible.


Unfortunately, writing does not come naturally to many people. These people may already know the message they want to deliver, but they just aren’t certain how to say it. For this, a ghostwriter is essential. Even great writers who do not have the time to write and research sometimes prefer to delegate these tasks to a professional.

If you try these types of work from home jobs, your name won’t be attached to the articles you produce. You also need to adapt your writing style to the needs of the person you are writing for so you can effectively communicate their ideas.

Editor and proofreader

Are you a grammar Nazi? Do spelling mistakes, and misplaced punctuation marks drive you insane? Or perhaps you can easily spot mistakes when you’re reading?

If so, you can be a proofreader. This way, you’ll get paid for your talent. To apply for this job, you need to have a keen eye for detail. Keep in mind that the duty of an editor is not just to check grammar but also word usage and sentence accuracy.


If you want to be a copywriter, your job would be to produce written promotional materials that will allow a company’s products to stand out amongst its competitors.

Copywriters can work with email campaigns, social media posts, slogans, and even a website’s navigation. These professionals should be great at researching and figuring out a brand’s voice and style to persuade people to act in the desired way.


For this job, your major duty would be to transcribe the audio of media materials that need subtitles to be displayed on a video. Subtitles can be transcribed then turned directly into subtitles. Or you can also be hired for inter-lingual subtitles, which are transcribed text that is translated before it is turned into subtitles. Before you get hired for a job, you must clearly understand the key pillars of subtitles which are context, audience, and purpose.


English may be a commonly used language, but not everyone can understand it. Translators need to accurately convey the meaning of words from one language to another. These professionals usually work with legal, medical, technical, and business materials, which can include books, articles, or letters. They can also translate fiction. If you want to be a translator, it is important to specialize in a specific type of work and language. For instance, you can specialize in French translation or legal documents.

Audio-Related Jobs

There are tons of jobs in the audio industry, and each job can fall into the pre-production, production, or post-production stages. Pre-production is the planning and setting up phase of recording sessions. On the other hand, production involves the recording session to have the audio for a project. Lastly, post-production centers on refining the audio to make it the best it can be.

Voice talent

This professional must record the narration or dialogue of a project off-camera. The audio will accompany another video. Voice-over artists must read scripts out loud to give the audience information that is not revealed in the visual media.

The role of a voice-over talent depends on the type of project they are working on. For example, they can work for promotional videos and commercials where they are expected to inspire excitement through their voice. Voice-over artists can also narrate television shows, documentaries, or trailers. For this type of job, the tone normally would be more serious. There are also voice talent opportunities that require acting skills. For this type of job, you need to bring out the emotion of a character.

The major requirement for voice-over jobs is to have a good speaking voice, as well as the ability to read scripts with the appropriate enunciation, clarity, tone, and emotion. Having a clear speaking voice is a non-negotiable skill for this job since this is the only way to bring the script to life.

Before you pursue a voice-over career, you need to have a home studio where you can record all your scripts. You also need to know how to edit your audio files effectively.

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Audio mixer

An audio mixer is assigned to work with a mixing console, which is an electronic device that is used to mix, balance, and combine various audio signals and sounds from sources like synthesizers, microphones, music instruments, and recorded audio files.

This job is important for any type of production, such as podcasts, television shows, and audiobooks. An audio mixer’s job is not just limited to post-production. They also work in the production phase during the recording of the audio.

Audiobook producer

Audiobook revenue has increased drastically in recent years, and this trend is continuing to skyrocket thanks to the accessibility of various platforms. To become an audiobook producer, one must be a problem solver and a keen organizer. This is because these professionals have to deal with countless tasks such as casting, booking, and directing.

Once you get your project, you will also be in charge of thinking about what type of voice it needs. It is also your job to oversee the screening of talents and help them with their performance.

Video-Related Jobs

Bunny Studio offers tons of opportunities for people to have work-from-home jobs in fields such as commercial advertising, animation, motion pictures, television, and digital internet video.

Before you can apply for the work-from-home jobs listed below, you need to have experience and knowledge in the production phases, editing processes, editing techniques, and many more. We’ve gathered some of the best video-related jobs you can try below.


An animator is in charge of creating animations and special effects for all types of visual media such as advertisements, movies, and video games. If you want to pursue a career in this field, you must develop a specialty. This can be 3d characters, creating CGI, or hand drawing characters.

This professional uses various tools and techniques to make special effects, such as 3d models and digital drawings. They are heavily involved in the development of the projects and can make or break the entire video.

For example, an animator must be present in the storyboarding process of video games and stories, so they know exactly how the character is developed. When they are working for advertising campaigns, they must work closely with the director and producer.

Video producer

A lot of brands prefer to outsource video producers for their projects to save money and other resources. But what do these professionals do? Think of them as the heroes of the advertising and filming world.

Producers are responsible for every detail of a video project. These people are not only in charge of managing the staff but also finding them. Producers also manage finances and make sure that the storyline and the script, as well as the client’s instructions, are followed. After the production phase, producers work with the editors until the end of the project.

Producers play a vital role in any production, and when the project scale is huge, their duties increase as well in terms of management and scope.


In essence, these professionals operate cameras and capture footage used in the project. In large-scale production, producers hire videographers to record the project itself or some behind-the-scenes footage.

These professionals work on advertisements and marketing videos. Also, they are important for short films, weddings, and live events. To become a videographer, you must know how to operate video equipment such as cameras and lenses and have a creative eye.


video editor’s role is extremely important in any project because, without them, there would be no final output. These professionals take the raw footage of the videographer or camera operator and piece it together. They follow an outline, which is usually the shot list and script, and assemble the footage to form a cohesive video. Usually, these professionals work closely with the producer and director to ensure that the original vision is followed.

You may think being an editor is simple. But it’s one of the hardest work from home jobs in the media industry. In a project, there are various camera angles of a single scene, and editors are in charge of reviewing each piece of footage and choosing the best videos. In small-scale projects without an audio mixer, the editor adds graphics and sound effects to make the film stand out.

Final Thoughts

Researches show that people who work from home are more productive and happier than those who do not work remotely. If you want to try work from home jobs, there are hundreds of remote jobs waiting for you. All you need to do is figure out the best way to monetize your skill, passion, and interest. If you’re not at the stage of sticking to your freelance career you can consider both remote and offline work opportunities, and search for a job that allows you to become a better professional and create a portfolio

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