Thanks to films, documentaries, and TV shows, people have experienced otherworldly settings that could never exist in reality. Even if you’re not a big fan of fantasy movies, you may have seen visual effects in media.

Visual effects, also known as VFX or Visual FX, refers to the use of visual effects in videos. This process adds manipulated images outside of the live-action video that was shot during the filmmaking stage. 

What Is VFX?

Visual effects integrate live-action footage and generated imagery that looks realistic but would be time-consuming, impractical, and even dangerous to capture in reality. They are often created using computer-generated imagery or CGI, which has become more accessible today thanks to animation software.

Visual effects are not the same as special effects because VFX is added after shooting with the help of a computer. On the other hand, special effects are realized during filming. These can include such things as controlled explosions and fake wounds.

What Can You Use VFX for?

Without VFX, movies or other types of media could not achieve their desired effects. Can you imagine if you watched Harry Potter without any special effects? The movie would seem ordinary.

Here’s what you can enhance with visual effects.

visual effects


There are tons of films that are shot in the US, but its stories are set on the other side of the world. The reason why filmmakers prefer to do this is that they want to save money and resources. Sending a film crew to another location for a few shots is ridiculously expensive, and it’s also challenging to manage logistically.

Thanks to VFX, filmmakers can make shots that show famous landmarks to let audiences know where the scene is taking place.


Building a complete set takes time, money, and lots of hard work. Instead of building a whole set, the crew can simply build the important parts of the set that the actor will interact with and let VFX take over the rest. Aside from saving time and money, this will also save the crew from looking for a large space for the set.

Before this happens, the visual effects artist needs to have a thorough understanding of the setting so they can figure out the parts that are easier to build in real life and what to add in post-production. The basic rule is anything the actors have to walk on or touch or will have shadows and reflection needs to be built.


Doing VFX of moving vehicles is very common in TV shows, commercials, and movies. Usually, actors are filmed in a car, train, and plane with a green screen window, and it is replaced during VFX production. For a car that’s driving on the street, the actor needs to focus on acting instead of driving. There is also a need to get a permit if film studios need to film on a public street since it needs to be closed off to pedestrians and other cars. This takes a lot of work, so VFX will save production houses trouble.


Shooting when it’s snowing, raining, or during day or night is hard since there is a need to rent out lights or pay actors and the film crew overtime. Not only that, but the quality of the output will also be reduced. The best solution is to shoot in clear weather and simply add rain, snow, or other elements in VFX post-production.


Setting the set on fire is very dangerous since no film crew or actor wants to get hurt. Nobody also wants to put their safety at risk of getting the shot perfectly. This is why there is a need to use visual effects for fire scenes. It is quicker, cheaper, and, most of all, safer.

Types of Visual Effects

Most visual effects fall into one of a few specific categories described below.


This type of visual effect is when VFX artists combine two or more visual elements to make it appear as though they are present in the same place. This technique needs a green or blue screen to work since compositors will replace the screen with another clip through compositing software. Back in the day, compositing was achieved using matte illustrations of sets that were added to live-action videos. This was the technique used in The Wizard of Oz.


Computer-generated imagery is used to describe VFX that is created digitally. It can be 2D or 3D. One of the most important processes in CGI is called 3D modeling, which refers to creating a 3D representation of any living creature, object, or surface.

CGI is mostly used when artists need to create something that does not exist in real life, such as the dragons in Game of Thrones. However, CGI visual effects can also be used in a subtle way, like filling a stadium or make actors appear older or younger, such as Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Motion capture

Also called Mocap, this type of visual effect refers to the process of recording an actor’s movement and transferring it to a 3D model. When the process includes facial expressions, it’s called performance capture.

The most common way to produce motion capture is to place an action in a special suit covered in markers a camera can track. Then, the data is captured and mapped on a 3D model using special software. Mocap is the same technology used to make Planet of the Apes, and some characters in Pirates of the Caribbean, including Davy Jones.

How Can Visual Effects Help Your Brand?

Visual effects can be used by brands to bring more impact to their video. We’ve rounded up some reasons why you need to get a visual effects artist for your video marketing campaign.

Generate buzz

Visual effects will allow you to showcase your product’s potential even before it has been made. This is very useful, especially when you’re still looking for investors. Or you’re trying to make some noise for your latest product.

Not only that, but visual effects also let you visualize your product in a way that would be impossible to do with traditional filming methods. This will enable you to save on talent and location costs.

Give your audience a wow factor

Visual effects are an amazing strategy to inspire emotional stimulation among your viewers. Considering 90 percent of the information that registers on our brain is visual, your audience will recall your product more than it is presented uniquely. This is also useful because the human brain can recall visual information 80 percent even after three hours, a huge difference compared to our brain’s ability to recall only 25 percent of spoken information after the same time has passed.

Make your brand identity shine

Reinforcing your brand identity in all your marketing materials, such as email marketing videos, and commercials is something you should not miss. Brand recognition can be reinforced through the help of visual effects. This can be done by making use of shapes, colors, and characters consistent with your branding. When people see your content, they’ll immediately know it’s your brand not only because of your solid message but also your visual identity.

Great way to polish your video

If you are creating a real video for your commercial, you may think you don’t need visual effects. However, the best type of visual effects is those not noticed by your audience at all. Invisible visual effects can be added to your post-production stage, such as polishing a product, dramatic time change, or even fixing blemishes. This will help ensure your content looks perfect.

Qualities of A Good Visual Effects Artist

It is important to choose the right visual artist for your project. The following are some of the qualities that you should look for in a visual effects artist.

Good observer

Your visual effects would be a failure if the professional you hired is not a good observer. Keep in mind that visual effects solely deal with visuals. Therefore, professionals need to study objects, especially when it comes to composition, color, and light. All these factors affect the mood and dimensions of an object or place. A VFX artist must become a master at studying how reality looks so they can replicate this on videos.

visual effects

Artistic knowhow

A VFX artist must have a thorough understanding of the artistic principles of their job. They must know how to follow through with how to create simple and realistic movements, as well as color adjustments. It is also integral to consider how light reflects on objects or how much rain must be added.

They should also know linear color space and how different shades affect the state of the video. This fundamental knowledge will allow them to get the most out of their software.

Technical knowhow

Tons of complex software programs today can help with visual effects. Most professionals learn and use a myriad of software and tools. Understanding how different tools work is essential to set up a project and accomplish the task at hand.

Being knowledgeable in their software choice will also allow them to meet tight deadlines and not worry about major revisions. When a visual effects artist has mastered their craft, they can refine every detail of the video.

Visual Effects Will Add More Flair to Your Brand

Brands all over the world are realizing their full potential when it comes to getting the interest of their customers. In recent years, visual effects artists have been raising the bar exponentially.

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