Commercials / Advertising voice overs

Find the perfect voice for your Commercials / Advertising voice over project.

The right voice overs for commercials / advertising have a quasi-hypnotic, persuasive effect that draws people and in and makes them want to know more. If you have a killer script, and want the right voice to increase your sales, then you're in the right place!

Commercials / Advertising voice overs info

Voice overs for commercials / advertising are not just about pitching ideas, products, and features. They're all about creating a connection with your viewers. Rather than reading, or watching wordless images, the power of the human voice can be an enormously persuasive tool if you manage to create emotional resonance. That's why having the right voice behind your ad makes all the difference. You can have the best idea in the world, but without somebody to put their performance behind it, the whole structure can crumble. Luckily, you've come to the right place.

Who wants to listen to voice overs for Commercials / Advertising?

Everyone can be your potential audience. These days, targeted ads are all over the internet, or across a variety of mediums. Whether you're reading news sites trying to catch up, watching your buddies' stories on Instagram, or trying to find that one Facebook group that suits your interests, you're bound to watch an ad or two on the way. Pervasive ads are now as much a part of everyday life as streaming video sites, email, and the internet itself. The right performance, one that complements your vision for your ad, is going to help your ad stand out from the pack and make a mark.

What is the right voice for a Commercials / Advertising voice over?

The sky's the limit for voice overs for commercials / advertising. Whether you're looking for a performer with a comic flair, or a more serious, deliberate narrator, or anything in between, no two voice overs are the same. Creativity is king in the advertising world, and the same goes for the voice pros that give life to these commercials.

What makes a perfect Commercials / Advertising voice over?

Your vision is your mission with these voice overs. Easy to understand voices that tell a story can make all the difference. Clarity, great diction, and an empathetic, limmediately likeable quality are perfect for voice overs for commercials / advertising.

Which are the most famous Commercials / Advertising voice overs?

Many big celebrities have opted to give voice overs for commercials / advertising a try. Who could resist John Hamm trying to pitch you an electric car? Or the fabulous Susan Sarandon voicing a commercial for pasta?

Commercials / Advertising voice overs summary

Whether your advertisement is intended for radio, TV or the Internet, finding the right voice talent to convey your message to consumers is vital to the impact you’ll make with your ad.
It’s not just the tone of voice that matters: pace, personality and your brand image all need to be taken into account. If you have an international audience, then you can use BunnyStudio to get your advertisement translated and professionally recorded in over 50 languages and dialects.
Voices are memorable. We’re ready to bet that you still remember advertising messages and slogans you heard in your childhood years, and the voices that delivered them. You’d like your ad to be just as memorable.
Finding the voice over actors you need for your advertisement has never been easier. Our handpicked professionals are sure to produce the advertising voice over you’ve been looking for.