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Bunny Studio API and Ad Builder Integrations

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How can I implement the API and the Ad Builder?

Ad Builder embed code

Custom integration

Choose a Bunny Studio Integration for your B2B setup

FeaturesAPIAd Builder embed codeCustom integration
Setup time90 days12 hours7 days + Additional estimate based on requirements
Development complexityHighLowMedium
Offers audio ads as a service
Offers voice over as a standalone service
Embeddable in website
Requires existing user authentication system
Easy pay wall configuration
Speedy project fulfillment
Contest project fulfillment
Approve, reject, and request multiple revisions
White Label capability
Access to project status
Access to dedicated dashboard with all project statusCan be developed
Bunny Studio API

Bunny Studio API: tailored to your workflow

Bunny Studio Widget

Ad Builder embed code: copy and paste a script into your platform and get started fast

Bunny Studio AdMaker

Ad Builder fully-custom development by Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio Client Testimonial, Justin, Director at AdsWizz

“When looking for a creative solution, not only were we looking for a service that could meet our tight deadlines, but also one that could deliver exceptionally high quality creatives.”

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