The Jack Attack, voice actor

The Jack Attack, voice actor

# G43KPPGAmerican male, trustworthy, energetic, knowledgable, youthful
4.9(203 reviews)
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      About The Jack Attack

      I'm an American male voice actor with a trustworthy, youthful, and energetic voice. I've been recording broadcast-quality voice-overs from my professional home studio for nearly a decade. I've worked for clients like Waste Management, MGM Resorts, Toyota, and Mcdonald's. I've recorded thousands of professional voice-overs, such as online and radio commercials; corporate training; medical narration; internet videos for youtube, facebook, Instagram, tiktok, and many other social media platforms; e-learning modules; character voices for cartoons, video games, and commercials; and much more! I do not do Synchronized Voice Overs or strictly-timed Dubs.

      The Jack Attack's reviews

      4.9(203 reviews)
      Ann B. -
      "Great work as always"
      Alex G. -
      "Quick and professional : it was a pleasure"
      Mo -
      "It's a very pleasant cooperation. Thanks for the timely and patient modifications. It would be better if the stability of the reading pace can be improved."
      Ann B. -
      "great work, thanks for quick turnaround!"
      Robert C. -
      "The original piece needed very minor revisions, which were made quickly. This is just what we were looking for. Thank you!"

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