Nicholas David Tong, voice actor

Nicholas David Tong, voice actor

# F067668I have a strong, versatile voice and a talent for accents.
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      The bulk of my studio voice work has been in the education sector, providing read-along narration for a wide variety of learning resources from infant maths primers to advanced technical manuals, bringing clarity and warmth to sometimes dry and complex academic text. On the non-academic side, I voiced the young Prince Philip (and other characters) for the BBC Radio 4 dramatised documentary A Right Royal Rescue, and brought Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner to the stage as a gruelling one-man show. I am a gifted storyteller, able to bring character and emotional depth to a script, but I can also scale back the performance elements of a reading until there are just the words, as clear and free-flowing as a mountain stream.

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      5(1 Reviews)
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