“The Q Review” is rolling out more perks

We hear you during the sign of the times!

This quarter, our new releases, upgrades, and features address what our clients’ key industries and sectors are saying. With many global businesses waging a war against a downsizing workforce and budget cuts, we’ve engineered brand-new memberships, features, services, and solutions, that empower you to navigate economic uncertainty at the helm. All so you have more control over your content creation, expenditure, and in-house resources.

Discover our new launches this first Q(-uarter) of the year below!

Bunny Studio+ membership

What is it?

With an ever-expanding portfolio of businesses that use Bunny Studio regularly, our spanking-new Bunny Studio+ membership program offers recurring customers an extensive range of perks so you can get more out of your Bunny Studio experience. These benefits will continue to evolve every quarter, so you can put more of our on-demand services to the test, with more accessibility. Explore our perks below:

  • Unlimited access to wholesale prices 
    Buy any voice-over at 20% off. Plus, pay only $50/minute for dubbing projects longer than 10 minutes (20% discount).

  • Premium customer service
    Skip the queue on all support channels, and get quick responses from our creative specialists.

  • Tailored contracts 
    Request for custom-built MSAs and NDAs at no cost

  • Quarterly promotions 
    Enjoy different seasonal discounts for other Bunny Studio solutions:

    • Save 10% in 2D animation started in Q2 2023

    • Save 10% in  character animation projects started in Q2 2023

    • Get early access to our web development services

What did we solve?

After almost a decade of maintaining the same pricing structure, we’ve tweaked some of our pricing policies. Our Bunny Studio+ membership supports recurrent customers like you in your growing needs by providing a new-level upgrade in support so you can accelerate your in-house production budget-saving rates.

Staffing solution

What is it?

Now you can hire your favorite Bunny Pro part-time or full-time, and work with them directly without ever having to post a project on our platform. Our new staffing solution gives you the flexibility to change professional talents anytime with no contractual obligations. And since we do the skills sourcing for you to guarantee you a fit, your HR department saves hours-on-end of headhunting, job posting, interviews, and paperwork. We can even match you to a Bunny Pro in your time zone, so your team can work collaboratively with them in real-time through your preferred communication channels.

What did we solve?

Maintaining an agile workforce and financial liquidity has been key, especially amid a volatile economy. With our industry-vetted staffing solution, there’s no more need for contractual obligations or headcount lockdowns. Instead of posting multiple projects, let us hire one Bunny Pro to handle all your projects for you directly, so you save hours on tedious project posting, payments, and progress tracking. Our staffing is also the perfect solution for businesses with seasonal needs, especially for the retail industry. With ad-hoc skills on the go, our clients can now save costs on IT resources, office space, or employee benefits!

New services

What is it?

We’ve rolled out exciting new services to support your in-house operations with a more holistic workforce. Now available on our plaform, you can request a quote for the following services:

  • Marketing with subcategories like SEO, PPC, and social media strategy

  • Development with subcategories like e-commerce, website, app, and software development

  • Instructional Design with subcategories like course design that covers elements such as course structure, script adaptation to slides, design, and LMS implementation. Choose to add voice overs where necessary.

What did we solve?

Mapped by recent overwhelming requests from our regular customers, our introductory categories fill the gap in technical skills that our clients lack within their in-house teams. Our industry-tested professionals can oversee the content creation process of other Bunny Pros, while also implementing a more profound layer of strategy for our customers; No hefty hiring commitments or time-consuming headhunting required.

Sharable payment links

What is it?

Our latest feature allows you to easily share a payment link with someone else without their need to create a new account. The price quoted for a project will be maintained for a period of 8 hours. After which, the quote may be subject to change. Completing the payment process within this timeframe is key to securing the initially quoted rates. Once payment is made, the project will be submitted, and we will notify the customers by email to confirm receipt. Rest assured that we accept all common payment methods to ensure a convenient and hassle-free experience.

What did we solve?

With this new collaborative bump-up, your team can now smoothly start projects without delays caused by management inaccessibility to invoices. This streamlined process makes payments as easy and convenient as possible.

Search filters alternatives

What is it?

We’ve enhanced our search filters to offer you even more granular alternatives for filtering samples. This upgrade is available specifically for voice over services, and clients now have the option to find voice artists by impersonation, character, or pitch. We now also offer a genre filter option for singer-related voice projects.


What did we solve?

Built on our research searches based on certain keywords, this added level of granularity allows clients to more easily, quickly, and effectively find the specific type of voice they are looking for. This new feature is especially useful to our B2B customers who regularly share samples with their clients to select. By including specific search terms and suggestions, users have a better chance of locating the right person for their project needs.

Project sharing tool

What is it?

This new tool enables project owners to invite others to collaborate on projects with invitee access. Simply add the email address and note on the project page, and they will receive an email link to your project. Once on the platform, invitees can view project details and deliverables. In cases where the invitee missed the email, the project owner can easily resend an invitation.

What did we solve?

Our project sharing tool provides easy access to new users in a secure and permission-controlled environment. This streamlined collaboration makes it easier for project owners to work with external stakeholders, departments, or clients.

Workspaces improvements

What is it?

We’ve released some upgrades on our Bunny Studio Workspaces features. These improvements include filtering projects by workspace, displaying the workspace name in the dashboard, and differentiating the option to create a new workspace. We’ve also made improvements to the login and payment pages to prevent errors. A welcome message now greets users when they log in, with more long-term solutions in the works. Additionally, we’ve implemented workspace activation emails. These changes enhance the user experience and make managing projects within each workspace easier

What did we solve?

Collaboration is the core of our sustainable relationships with our customers. These upgrades improve the experience for new and ongoing Workspace users and also reduce the bugs reported in the latest iteration.

That’s a wrap

Stay tuned for our next edition, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep up to date with our new releases. And if you have any suggestions on how we can make our platform better, reach out to us. We’re all ears!