Bunny Studio+

Save 20% on voice over projects with Bunny Studio+

Bunny Studio+

$49per month, billed yearly

What is included

  • Full ownership of your usage rights
  • Quality-controlled deliverables
  • Unlimited 20% discount on voice over
  • Exclusive discounts every quarter
  • Premium customer service
  • Tailored contracts

Bunny Studio+ Growth

$2,199per month, billed yearly

  • Unlimited 20% discount on voice overs
  • Premium customer service
  • Tailored contracts
  • Exclusive discounts every quarter
  • This quarter: Save 10% on 2D and character animation services
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Onboarding and checkpoints with PM
  • Request for curated samples
  • Automate and adapt services to your workflow
Bunny Studio+

Skip the queue

Brands with real stories

Bunny Studio+

60% reduction in ad production costs. 50% faster projects completions

Bunny Studio+

Launched 19 voice over projects 2x faster than industry turnaround

Bunny Studio+

1,259 voice over projects within 50+ different languages

Did you know?

Bunny Studio+

Fast-track projects with Growth

  • Integrate project management into any workflow stage
  • Delegate and automate repetitive tasks
  • Request for customized deliverables
  • Communicate live on your own Slack channel in real-time

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