So you’ve made a great video for your YouTube channel and you think that you’re all set and ready to go. But do you have a great outro? If not, try creating one with an outro maker; who knew it could be this easy!

YouTube is Where to Be

YouTube is a huge platform right now. Especially in the global state we’re in when people are watching more videos than ever. In fact, Hootsuite tells us that:

  • YouTube has 2 billion logged-in monthly users
  • 73% of adults in the US use YouTube
  • People upload 500 hours of video every minute from YouTube
  • 70% more YouTube users are engaging with channels and their creators

Clearly, YouTube is the place to be. Whether you are advertising or have your own channel, don’t miss out on this space to grow your audience. And with a compelling video, you’ll get more views and more subscribers. The video needs great parts to be great, and one of those is the outro. So again, whether you are a YouTuber or an advertiser, make a great outro.

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What is the outro?

The outro is that last part of your video. Some people refer to it as the end screen. It’s where you tell your viewer what to do next, whether it’s buy something, watch another video, subscribe, or something else. With a compelling outro, your viewers will be more apt to act on that call to action, and this is great for both the YouTuber and the advertiser.

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YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube video advertising is a great medium to reach your target audience. You’ve got tons of options for your advertising and for the breadth of the reach, it’s very budget-friendly. The key is, as with any advertising platform, make a compelling video. YouTube offers skippable options, you want your potential customers watching your entire video, not skipping it.

But what makes a compelling video that people won’t skip? Disruptive Advertising shares some tips and important information on creating that perfect video for your audience. The first thing is to identify that audience.

Specific targeting is like waving a giant flag in front of your market’s face and screaming “watch this!” The more specific your messaging and target market, the higher your conversion rates will be, which is what we’re all after anyway.

Another key is to have a great script. Evoke emotion, share a universal truth, hook that audience in and give them a strong call to action. All of this can be interwoven into the script to make your video ad successful.

And then there is the outro. Just like the intro that grabs your audience’s attention, the outro makes a lovely good-bye, leaving them ready to do something, and remember you. Here are the important components your outro should have, according to this article:

  • Have an outro that leads to your videos or directly to your channel or another video.
  • Include a strong, clear call to action (subscribe to your channel, buy the product, visit the website, vote…).
  • Point towards social media. Make it easy for your viewers to connect with you on other social media.
  • Make it distinct. Create an outro that will be memorable and identifiable. Music or a catchphrase is perfect for this.

More on Your Outro

So those were some basics on the outro, let’s dig deeper. Whether someone is making your outro or you are using an outro maker to create it, it’s a hugely important element of your video ad. As Adobe Spark says:

With video content more popular and accessible than ever, video outros serve as an important tool to give credit, close out with contact information, or present a call to action. If you’re making a video on behalf of your brand or a business, an outro is also a great place to highlight your brand or sponsors with logos and contact details. Outros aren’t just informative, though, they’re also fun! View outros as an opportunity to let your creativity or personality shine as you polish off your video.

So whether you are using an outro maker or having someone design an outro for you, it’s an integral piece of your ad. Make sure you have a good one.

As mentioned, the outro is the perfect place to give out the credit for your ad, share your social media, and give that call to action. Having potential customers know where to go and what to do is the first step in gaining their business. And when it’s compelling, they’ll be more likely to carry on.

Many editors use a fade to black for their screen, and they may have the same music used in the intro. In fact, some editors will choose to have the same song or music played at a slower speed or some other variation. But by having something consistent in all of your outros, it helps set your brand. And when they connect to your intro, even better.

Should You Use an Outro Maker?

You understand the need for an outro, but it may sound complicated. It’s not though, especially with an outro maker. But what even is an outro maker? An outro maker is a software that lets you design your outro without fancy or intricate animation software. These are easy to use, and often they are free. They also give that professional finish to your piece that can say a lot for your brand.

This article from BunnyStudio tells us the following about video. The nature of the medium is always changing. You need to keep up with the latest development to stay ahead of the pack. The article also tells us that within video, stories are huge. Stories evoke honesty and emotion, that’s where the trend is right now. And in your video ad, you can create your story and develop connections with your viewers. Part of doing this is through your intro and your outro. These are the consistencies, the tunes to hum, and the moments left with the stories still with us.

So back to the outro. You can see how important it is. But with an intro and outro maker, you can design these yourself. You can tailor them to your audience and your brand and make this a recognizable, identifiable component of your work.

When you are looking for outro makers, make sure to find one that is an outro maker for YouTube. Outro makers like Canva have templates to customize with high quality, trending designs to make your viewers want to come back for more. There’s a great variety of illustrations and typography, and you can use one of the templates to create a captivating outro. Sure, you could spend time learning editing or graphic design, but you can also use an outro maker and have something compelling in just minutes.

Usually, it’s pretty easy and just takes uploading some images, choosing some fonts, and picking music. Then you download the outro and append it to your video, and you’re all set. Easy peasy.

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Tips for Your Outro

When you are creating your outer, keep these few things in mind. The first is to keep it consistent. You don’t need to create a new outro for each video. It’s a good idea to keep much of it the same but change up the credits or the call to action. By having the same music and format,  your viewers will feel connected to it.

The connection with your viewers is so important. You know when you’re watching Game of Thrones and the intro comes on? Sure, you can skip it, but how great is it to listen to that track and see the maps of King’s Landings and Winterfell and where we’ll be this week. You feel connected. You feel excited. Maybe someone watching your outro will get those feels. So keep all of your outros cohesive, and you’ll get those connections.

Another good tip is to use relevant calls to actions that make sense. Link relevant blogs and other videos. Share your other social media.  Keep it relevant to the video you just shared, not the one you shared last week.

Also, make it look good. Use enough white space so that the screen isn’t cluttered. Make your graphics and fonts eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. If you overwhelm your viewers with visuals they won’t know where to look for that call to action, and you won’t see the engagement you want.

Using the outro maker to achieve these

An outro maker can help you with all of those components. You can find free outro makers and you’re not spending any more money than if you made it all on your own. You can get those aesthetics, that call to action, and keep all of your outros cohesive and compelling.

The Big Takeaway on Using an Outro Maker

YouTube outros are important pieces of your video. A great outro will get you what you want. As you create your outro, make it compelling, consistent, and have a clear call to action. Don’t be afraid of creating the outro, with an outro maker it can even be fun! Outro makers will guide you through each step, and you can create a personalized, current outro to compel your viewers to act.

With so many outro makers available, there is the right one for you. There’s no excuse not to have a smart outro that relates to your brand. This outro can be the magic that creates a strong connection with your audience, and you can tailor it right to them. Take a look through some of the different outro makers and see which one speaks to you. Then you’re on your way to creating that outro and capping your video off with the perfect ending.