It’s not hard to buy gifts for YouTubers, but you do need some background information. For instance, what is their YouTube channel about, and do they shoot their videos outdoors or indoors?

There are different types of YouTubers out there.

Some do it as a hobby, others use YouTube as a creative outlet.

The platform is also perfect for creatives who are looking to establish their video creation careers. There is stiff competition in video marketing, and it’s essential that vloggers have the necessary equipment to make their content stand out.

Read on to find out how to make the life of a Youtuber easier with these awesome gifts:

Practical Gifts: The YouTuber Starter Kit

You can start a YouTube channel with a smartphone, so what is the point of investing in anything else?

Simple – it sets you apart from the 37 million YouTube channels in existence.

A basic YouTuber starter pack helps vloggers create professional videos from the word go. Great image and sound quality can make a channel stand out – with a great YouTube thumbnail being the cherry on top.

Most of these starter gift items are affordable and available in retail stores:


As a vlogger starts the tiresome but worthwhile journey of building a YouTube channel, they need a reliable camera.

Any good ol’ smartphone camera can do – a lot of successful vloggers record and even edit their videos on their mobile phones. You can also get a second-hand camera, but keep your eye out for the most essential features.

If the Youtuber in question loves to film on their phone, you can buy them a mobile lens that can attach to their phone.

gifts for youtubers

What to Look for In a Starter Camera

  • Produces high-quality and clear images with great sound quality.
  • Can film well in low light.
  • An autofocus feature will save you a lot of time, particularly when shooting selfie videos.
  • Time-lapse and slow-motion cameras are also great gifts.


Tired of watching them struggle to pile up books or prop pillows each time they want to shoot a video? Well, save the day and get your YouTuber friend a tripod!

This handy gadget is portable and saves vloggers so much time.

Tripods help YouTubers and Vloggers avoid shaky and inconsistent footage.

What to remember when shopping for a tripod:

  • Get a lightweight and easy-to-carry tripod.
  • Flexible legs that can be adjusted on any surface, including being wrapped around poles.


The only thing that can complement a great video is equally good sound.

No one will come back to a YouTube channel that has bad sound, so invest in a good microphone and keep the audience listening.

A simple clip-on microphone should work, and depending on your budget and the types of videos being made, shotgun microphones are also a great gift for YouTubers.

Here is a quick tip to remember when buying a microphone for a YouTuber:

Get a compact, lightweight microphone that captures crisp sounds. You can also get a wind muffler for Youtubers who shoot their videos outside.

How important is the voice for YouTube videos?


Natural light is the best light, but the sun can be unreliable.

YouTubers who rely on natural light have limited time to shoot their videos, and it’s not always a guarantee that they will get sunny days and clear clouds.

Having lights gives content creators the freedom to make their videos at any time and capture all the details perfectly.

Lighting sets also come with multiple lighting schemes that YouTubers can play around with to create amazing effects for their videos.

When Shopping for Lights:

  • If your budget allows, get lights with dimming control and diffusion.
  • You can get amazing lighting kits even with a small budget.
  • A ring light is a portable and affordable gift for a vlogger.

Editing Software

One can argue that editing is the most crucial process of content creation.

Once the raw footage has been shot, it is now time to put the picture together – a simple video editing software can transform raw footage into a captivating story.

Vloggers also need to add intros and YouTube outros on their videos before uploading them.

There is a lot of free editing software available, but YouTubers may find that most of these apps lack essential tools for their editing process.

If you are looking for a practical gift for a Youtuber, get them a subscription to an amazing video editing software – it’s a present they will never forget.

Best Budget-Friendly Gifts for YouTubers

Do you want to surprise a YouTuber with a gift and still be able to pay your rent at the end of the month? We know how camera and light can be expensive, and we’ve got the perfect list of budget-friendly gifts for vloggers:

A Book or Video Lesson

Have you come across a good e-book on how vloggers can increase their followers or improve their position on search results?

Buy an informative book to teach them something new – or a relatable comic to remind a YouTuber not to take themselves too seriously.

You can also buy them an online video lesson on a topic of their choosing.

A Good Quality Bag

A bag is one of those ‘just because’ gifts that everyone appreciates. It shows that you care, that you were thinking of a person.

“Hey, I saw you struggling to carry your tripod and ring light around, so I got you this cool backpack. It should be big enough to fit all your equipment and still leave some space for your snacks.”

The perfect bag for YouTubers has:

  • Specialized compartments for their camera, charger, and lenses.
  • Weather protection fabric.

SD Cards and External Hard Drive

Shooting multiple videos in a day, it’s easy for Youtubers to run out of space.

A vlogger could always use an extra SD card or hard drive – just in case theirs fills up when they are in the middle of a shoot.

External hard drives are perfect for backing up content and storing old video files.

Power Bank

YouTubers who shoot their videos on the go will appreciate this gift. Travel vloggers can sometimes go a few hours or even days without accessing a charging station.

A portable power bank comes in handy when a YouTuber has to charge their camera or phone.

Make sure to get one with multiple connectors so they can power up all their devices at the same time.

A Laptop Stand

Youtubers spend long hours editing their content, and having a laptop stand means less stress on their neck and shoulders.

Gifts for Experienced Vloggers

Experienced YouTubers have been publishing videos for a while, and a gift will only interest them if it makes their work easier.

At this level, a vlogger has already established their craft and routine; and they have built a community around their content.

As vloggers grow their channels, it’s normal to see most of them profiting from YouTube.

So, what gift do you get an experienced YouTuber?

We have a few ideas:

Action Camera

These handy gadgets are more compact than the traditional camera and can be mounted anywhere.

Experienced YouTubers most likely want to explore new content and diversify their shots. Action cameras, including underwater cameras, are great for adventurous vloggers and travel vloggers who are always on the move.

Buyers often wonder if action cameras are really worth buying, and the answer is yes, absolutely.

A compact and portable camera that is capable of recording 4k videos is definitely a good investment.

GoPros are among the ultimate action cameras to buy for YouTubers – totally worth their value!


Real estate video often uses drone shots to capture the aerial view of a property and showcase its surroundings.

Drones, however, can be used for so much more.

A lot of vloggers use drones to give viewers different and interesting shots, leading to higher engagement.

Modern drones are portable, lightweight, and have cameras that can live stream directly to a YouTuber’s channel.

gifts for youtubers

Replace Old Equipment

Camera and tripods can also run out of millage. Do a YouTuber a favor and replace these for them – they probably got too busy and forgot.

How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Youtubers

The best gifts are practical and solve problems.

When giving a gift to a YouTuber, make it personal. Do a light assessment before spending thousands on a new camera. Do they need it? Could they use something else instead?

Here are some tips to follow:

Ask Questions

Get to know the vlogger by asking them about their craft.

You can even tell them that you are planning to buy a gift and ask them what they would like.

It saves a lot of time, and you will get to buy something that they will actually use.

Look at Their Channel

What is their channel about? A vlogger that always shoots outdoors might need a wind muffler for their microphone. A YouTuber that creates their content indoors could use an extra clamp light.

Looking at their videos will give you an idea of what they are lacking. YouTubers might even mention their struggles on their channels and directly ask their followers for help.

Final Thoughts

Youtubers continue to share their knowledge even with limited equipment and editing tools. Vloggers create a goldmine of content by sharing their hobbies and skills on YouTube – which is why you can find your favorite recipes and how-to videos.

Buying a gift for a YouTuber is a great way to support them – whether vlogging is their hobby or full-time career.

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