Korean beauty products, movies, music, dramas, and fashion have recently become more popular in the Western world. This growth has increased the demand for brands to engage in English to Korean translation.

Korean is the official language of South and North Korea, with more than 75 million speakers around the world. There is no big difference between the languages spoken in South and North Korea, aside from vocabulary and spelling choices.

With the growth of South Korea as a global economic powerhouse, the Korean language has become more important. Knowing the Korean language will give you major advantages when you are in Korea for leisure or business.

Benefits of English to Korean Translation

Are you looking for ways to tap into the Korean market? If so, you need a professional translator to give you an accurate translation of texts, whether it’s legal and personal documents or marketing materials. This will enable you to establish stronger links with Koreans.

Now, thousands of people around the world are learning Korean because of its growing demand. The South Korean government has even opened Korean language-learning institutes outside the country. Because of the huge interest in the Korean language, professional translators are offering affordable translation services that can improve the global relations of South Korea and the US, among other Western countries.

We’ve rounded up some ways on how English to Korean translation can help you.

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Improve consumer trust

Translating English to Korean content will boost the multilingual experience of your users and customers, therefore increasing trust in your brand. This will also boost your revenue since many users prefer accessing information presented in their native language. For example, the use of English and French in Canada illustrates the importance of one’s native language in acting on an intended message.

Not only that, but English to Korean translation will give your brand a competitive edge over your competitors. This will help you to penetrate untapped markets. For instance, when your website landing page is translated from English to Korean, users will experience it with a sense of familiarity. This will also help them to resonate more with your brand.

Easier to meet global standards

English to Korean translators are well-versed in the regulations in place for your industry. This will help protect your brand from being misunderstood by native speakers. A translator will give your company the boost it needs to work with other global brands while following strict guidelines, especially when it comes to behavior, actions, and proper conduct.

Help with international collaboration

Universities, research institutes, and organizations should have an English to Korean translator if they want to gather data and present information in another language. The translation of research papers from English to Korean will help companies open doors and inspire global collaborations. Institutional partnerships and exchange programs can also give major benefits such as access to international infrastructure and equipment, indigenous populations, and many more.

English and Korean translation can immensely help researchers. It will also enable them to communicate their work to other countries in the best light. Not only that, but the process will help them experience a unique culture.

Increase traffic

Implementing English to Korean translation in your website content will give more people the opportunity to find you online and interact with your content. Websites that have content in various languages see an increase in new users. Having an English to Korean translator on your team will boost your search query impressions by a big margin, therefore increasing your efficiency.

Better communication

Your English to Korean translator will allow your company to efficiently reach current and new clients with your accurate messaging. Whether it’s with phone conversations, meetings, reports, and articles, your translator will make sure your brand will have the proper translation that you need to be understood by your target market. It is also an amazing way to work with clients in Korea and make sure you are on the same page as them.

Where Is English to Korean Translation Needed?

Many brands in South Korea and Asia are expanding into new markets, and with this comes many opportunities, such as job openings that would benefit residents. We’ve rounded up other areas where English to Korean translation can be useful.


European Union, as well as other political organizations, support peaceful communication between North and South Korea. The translation of English documents into the Korean language and vice versa is essential to the organization’s initiative to help make political communication easier.

Every political understanding initiative needs accurate translation at all times, or they will risk adding to the tension between North and South Korea. Since 1998, there have been more than 14 political communications the EU has mediated. Professional English to Korean translators has an important role in keeping these negotiations running smoothly.

Tourism and culture sector

One of the major priorities of South Korean leaders is to renew the interest of people around the globe in the Korean Wave, or Hallyu, since this will affect their tourism.

They want to focus on establishing a tourism and cultural sector that inspires growth. Their efforts are truly paying off since more people are interested in Korean culture. This leads to a boom in tourism.

The growth of the tourism and cultural industry gives people tons of opportunities to showcase how amazing Korea is, and because of the difficulty in learning the language, business owners must collaborate with trusted professional translators to ensure proper information dissemination, especially when it comes to their advertising, marketing, and email campaigns.

IT Sector

English to Korean translators is very useful in keeping the negotiations between the West and South Korea.

South Korea ranked high in the ICT Development Index, and this rank signals that more companies from the West are willing to do business here. The country’s IT industry is now experiencing unparalleled growth, and this can create tons of opportunities for trade and export. To make sure there is no misunderstanding during negotiations, English to Korean translation is needed. Of course, interpreters and translators need to use their skills to enable companies and individuals to say their message.

Local market

Most speakers of the Korean language are located in North and South Korea. In the past, South Korea did not open itself to the rest of the world, but in recent years, they have embraced global collaboration, and it’s now very easy to look for Korean services and products in the West. South Korea is one of the most powerful exporting countries, and it also imports many products for locals. This prompts brands to localize their advertising messaging to South Korean buyers and consumers.


A girl in South Korea can enter a library, read a Harry Potter book, and enjoy the world J.K. Rowling created even if the book is not in English. This is possible thanks to English to Korean translation.

The world of literature relies on good translation. One of the reasons why there is a need for English to Korean translators today is because of the increasing amount of quality literary works that can be enjoyed by individuals around the world. English to Korean translation also helps to preserve literary works.

Media and journalism

Korean dramas have taken over streaming sites, and US movies have also done the same in Korea. This may be because, at the end of a challenging day, people just want to relax and watch entertaining movies or shows. If the series is not dubbed, there is a need for a translator to do the subtitles. Without translation, movies and dramas would remain in their respective countries, and people could only wonder how great it was.

Not only that, but the spread of information when it comes to journalism is dependent on great English to Korean translation. This allows people to know what is happening in South or North Korea and the West through their language. Therefore, they will stay informed about current events. If not for English to Korean translation, people may just live in a chamber and never know different opinions. Because translation opens up thousands of new sources, people have more access to information. This results in a variety of new viewpoints that shapes their thoughts. This will help inspire critical thinking and gain more comprehensive knowledge on subjects.


English to Korean translation is very important in education. After all, it allows people to receive more comprehensive knowledge from other countries. This exposes students to different perspectives. There are even schools that provide students with English to Korean translators to enable more efficient communication between the school’s administration and family.

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How Long Does English to Korean Translation Take to Finish?

It’s very easy to forget how important translation is in the document and marketing creation processes. With all technological advances such as google translate, AI translation, and other translation tools, you may think translating from English to Korean can be done in under one minute. However, accurate and usable translation requires intense labor from translators, and this job takes time.

As a customer, try not to request project deadlines that are too tight unless you have the budget for it. Typically, an experienced translator can translate 2,000 to 2,500 words per day. You also need to factor in time for review and proofreading.

The Importance of English to Korean Translation Should Not Be Underestimated

We’ve established the importance of English to Korean translation. So now you are one step closer to knowing the potential services you need. While English is still widely spoken across Asia, translating English to the Korean language is still very important.

But it is critical to find an effective translator. The success of your project depends on the ability of the translator. If you need high-quality English to Korean translation, Bunny Studio can help you.