Who is the best person to talk about finances and what words would you expect from the person? What tone would such a person use and what topics would go into the explainer? These are the questions that should be crossing your mind when thinking about financial explainer scripts. They are the elements that make a script believable, including gaining a following that subscribes to your products or seek your services.

What is an explainer?

Before we even think about the ‘financial’ part, let us look at an explainer video. An explainer video is the easiest way to elaborate on complex ideas. It helps you to demystify and simplify ideas that involve multiple facets, giving the viewer that ‘aha’ moment when what seemed complex and difficult to understand is now the simplest idea to consider.

When an explainer video is professionally done, the target audience can buy products, make subscriptions, and invest in projects, among other elements. But why would you create an explainer video while you can write the explanation on a blog or book? Explainer videos have several advantages over any other format you may choose to explain a difficult concept.

  •       You enhance the explanation with graphics that make complex ideas difficult to understand.
  •       It gives the brand owner like CEO or company executives a chance to appear on videos and enhance visibility as well as the credibility of a video.
  •       A video combines sound and images. You can demonstrate the ideas you are explaining, helping the viewer to understand your point better. The combination makes the video more engaging, helping to elicit debate, and inquiries about your products or services.

Financial explainer scripts for freelancers

Explainer videos help readers or visitors to your website to stay longer and even engage more with the content. The decision to use a video is likely to increase your digital revenues by more than 47%, helping you to get better ROI. With a financial explainer, complex financial matters will be simpler, ensuring that visitors do not turn the other way.

Financial explainer videos are for anyone dealing with financial products. Are you in insurance, banking, microfinance, entrepreneurship, retirement planning, banking, or even teaching youths about financial independence, it is time to create a financial explainer video to make your work easier.

You must be itching to create a financial explainer video already! We will not make it any more difficult. Let us jump right into scripting an incredible financial explainer that will go viral and be saved by everyone who comes into contact with your video. Let’s get right into it!

How To Write A Killer Financial Explainer Video Script

Explainer videos come in multiple varieties, meaning that you must choose the best format for your brand or advertising campaign. Since I have mentioned different types, it will help to brief you on the different types of explainer videos. The differences are important because the script for each type of video will differ slightly. The information will also help you to choose the best type of video for your product or campaign.

  • Live explainer video– it is shot like a live broadcast with the product being described visible on the screen. Live explainer videos are perfect for companies selling physical products like machines and electronic equipment. You should include fresh and blood explainers who help you to create an emotional connection. Further, you will be writing a script for the explainer and description for shooters on what to feature on the screen. Remember, you may combine the live presentation with minutes of animation and graphic presentations. Finally, you can dictate the ultimate appearance of your video.
  • Animated Video Explainer– this is the common type of explainer video your will make for financial services and products. It explains services and intangible products. Since financial services and products are not physical, you have to use graphics and animation to describe the target product. The use of graphics and animation allows the target audience to focus solely on the message. It leaves more room for creativity and you can edit sections of the video to update information in the future without worrying about personalities who have left the brand.
  • Whiteboard Explainer Video– the video involves an animation of a hand on a whiteboard. It helps to explain processes and connections. Content on the ‘whiteboard’ is written and erased as the voice over artist narrates. It is an engaging way to follow discussions or explanations. It is also cheap and easy to create.

Since explainer videos come with a visual dimension, the scrip will differ from one type of video to the other. However, there are basic requirements or guidelines for writing an explainer video script that cut across all types of videos. Here is a look at vital tips that will guide the writing of your financial explainer video.

  •       Keep It Short

The size of a financial explainer video depends on the topic you are handling. However, it should be between 60 and 90 seconds. Anything beyond two minutes is too long for a financial explainer video. The viewer will abandon your video midway and may even forget what you said in the opening seconds.

  •       Be Systematic

Identify a clear beginning, middle, and end of your video. Make your presentation systematic and logical. Every node by the audience means that he or she has understood and can connect the ideas being discussed. If the person watching has to struggle to remember what was said or connect what he saw a few seconds ago, the explanation will be confusing.

  •       Choose A Specific Topic

Explain one topic or idea at a time. By the time the person watching clicks on your video, he or she knows what to expect. Too many topics or subtopics in a single video will result in a shallow presentation that will not help the person watching. If a viewer finds value in one short video, the chances of returning for more videos increase.

Financial explainer scripts for content creators

  •       Demonstrate What Is Said

The preference for videos is in the fact that the demonstration runs alongside the narration. It makes it easier to understand the concept being explained. Instead of telling people what should happen, show it either in graphics or a live demonstration. You will need an excellent video editor to create a video where the voice matches the video presentation. In some cases, the demonstration takes longer yet you cannot keep talking.

How to Spice Your Financial Explainer Script

There are thousands of explainer videos on different financial matters. What will make a viewer to choose your video over the others? Just three tips and you will create the best financial explainer video.

  • Keep it Professional– financial matters require a serious tone, image, and overall tone. Choose a calm but firm voice over artist. Use words and phrases that depict a serious professional in the finance sector. It makes your videos believable.
  •  Quality matters– everything about the video must ooze quality. The voice recording, graphics, optics of the presenter, and overall appearance of the video. It makes your ideas believable.
  • Relevance– stick to the point. Do not fill the time with unnecessary words. You would rather have a short video that makes sense than a long one full of fluff.

In Conclusion

A financial explainer script must be precise and stick to the facts. Go beyond 60 seconds but not more than 120 when it is longest. Engage a professional script writer, voice over artist, and video editor to help you produce the most captivating explainer video.