You’ve created a beautiful website, complete with a gallery page, testimonials, great updates, and all the right links for getting in touch with you. Now you are considering adding a blog, but writing is just not your thing; maybe it’s time to consider freelance blog writers and see how this unique group of professionals can help you.

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What Is a  Freelance Blog Writer?

Not everyone is a writer. Let’s face it. And maybe you can write, but you just don’t want to. Just because you can swim doesn’t mean you want to teach your kid to swim, so you hire a swim instructor. So if you have a great website going for your business and you want to add a blog section, you may want to hire a professional writer to create your content. It takes a lot to run a business and this may be an area that you can outsource. While someone else handles the writing, you can attend to other aspects of your website and business.

Our own BunnyStudio shares the importance of quality writing. A professional can capture the tone and style you want to set with a high-quality piece. Professional writers know how to connect with a target audience, and that is key to engaging with your blog readers.

When you have a request for a freelance blog writer, they will take into consideration your specifications and create quality content just for you. Usually, freelance blog writers are also great researchers, so don’t worry about them knowing the topic as well as you do.

You can also keep the same writer for all of your blog updates. Then you will continue to have that same tone and style. Think ghostwriter. You are sharing the material and the style you want, even word count and audience, then the professional is crafting a well-written piece. This affords you the time to work on other parts of your website or business without the stress of writing the content.

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The Importance of Great Content

Think about it this way. You walk into a cute boutique, you know they have the latest styles and high-quality pieces. The service is great and welcoming. But you take a look around and it’s a mess. Clothes are rumpled, tossed onto tables, and it just doesn’t make sense. This lack of professionalism makes it hard to navigate and get where they’re coming from, doesn’t it? That’s what poorly written or messy content can do for your website.

You may have all the right things to say, but how you say it is just as important. And your content has to be neat and clean, or it can be off-putting, just like the messy store. It is obligatory that you know the ways how to start a blog that represents you and your product or service, it should be welcoming, easy to understand, and enjoyable to read. And it should look great visually. If that’s too much to put on your plate, hire someone else to do it. No one wants to shop in a messy store.

What to Look for in Freelance Blog Writers

So you think this sounds like it could be for you, but what should you look for? You’re paying someone to do this, you want it done right.

First of all, your freelance blog writer should be someone who can write in a specific tone to appeal to your audience. This article shares some important strategies to have successful audience appeal. Some of these are things like identifying your audience (of course) and writing in a style that appeals to them. Sometimes age group is a key indicator. Also, simple sentences are better than long-winded ones. The more concisely your freelance blog writer can get your points across, the better.

Another attribute to look for in your blog writer is someone who keeps things positive. Even when your content is heavy or opinionated, no one wants to read something where they feel like they’re being yelled at or told what to do or think. People also like to see solutions and how to make things better. This could cover anything from how to wallpaper your bathroom to ending the practice of animal abuse. The writer should be able to present the information and propose a solution. Take this article, for example, we are trying to help you decide if you want a blog writer or not. We’re sharing the benefits of hiring one and how it can help you in your endeavors.

A freelance blogger should know about current trends. That means things like lists or white space or even current jargon. A writer can write using all the right tools and words, but the final piece should come across as current. We don’t want outdated styles or archaic sounding text to hinder the success of your blog.

Maybe this is an obvious one, but your blog writer should be able to write well. Look for someone who uses correct and current punctuation, someone who has a strong vocabulary but won’t sound condescending or as if they used a thesaurus. They should be able to use a specified tone, like opinionated or humourous or sincere. Sure, it may seem easy to write. But writing well is a whole other ball game so find that freelance blog writer who writes well.

How to Find a Good Freelance Blog Writer

Now you have decided to hire a freelance blog writer, and you know what to look for. You also know what type of blog you want and how you want it to sound. Now what? Where is that blog writer and how do you find the best one?

One of the first places you may choose to look is an online outsourcing site, like our own BunnyStudio. These sites can help you get awesome content and help with all components of the process.

Outsourcing content refers to getting a solution for companies by hiring freelancers or another business to perform outsourcing services. Online outsourcing enables the process of finding, performing, and paying for a job to take place online.

Not only can services like these provide talented writers but you can be assured that the job is done well, with efficiency and attention to detail. You also don’t have to commit to the longterm, but you know they’ll be there if you need them again. Most of these companies will work project to project or you can send them a whole batch of blogs to create. The charm of these is that they tailor to your needs; there’s no one size fits all here.

With these services, you can specify just what you want. From the length of the piece to the tone and keywords, it’s all up to you. A professional writer will follow your lead and create just the piece you’re looking for. You also have the opportunity to request revisions until it’s just how you want it.

When you are looking for the right outsourcing service to work with, make sure they provide all of the above. Reputable services will provide revisions and make sure the final blog is just what you want. You may not communicate with the writer directly, but you will have someone who you do work with and they handle the teamwork from their end. Check out reviews and ask questions before you commit to a service.

Some people choose to work with an individual freelance blog writer, ad this is a great way to go, as well. However, you may have to do more of the work, like negotiate and check references and past work. But for those who like to work directly with the writer, this is a great choice, too.

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What is Your Responsibility?

The main thing you have to do here is to get as much as the specification across to your writer. Whether you are working through an outsourcing service or with an individual, you must be clear about your needs. Think about these things before you seek out a writer because the more you can share regarding your goals, the more they can help:

  • How long do you want your post to be? Usually, they are around 500 words, but you may want a longer or shorter piece. Let your writer know.
  • What keywords do you want to be included? And if you don’t know, can they help you incorporate them by looking at your site?
  • How do you want your piece to look? If you want subheadings and white space, let them know.
  • Do you want photos or links included?
  • What tone and mood do you want to set? Who is your audience?
  • What call to action, if any, do you want included?
  • What is your deadline? Do you need this tomorrow or is a couple of weeks okay? Make sure this is clear so there’s no misunderstanding here.
  • Will you include their name? Some writers don’t mind giving you their piece, some want credit even though you purchase it. If this matters to you, discuss it.
  • Discuss payment and revisions. Is satisfaction guaranteed?

Some of this criteria is based more on the content, some on the business components of hiring a freelancer. However, all are important to getting you the piece you want and making sure you’re happy with the outcome as well as the process.

The Big Takeaway on Hiring Freelance Blog Writers

Working with freelance blog writers for hire is an excellent way to share some of your workload. Remember,  your time is money, so if you are trying to save money by writing your own blogs, but it’s taking you away from other things, it’s an issue. You can hire a freelance blog writer to help you get this done just how you want it. Remember to ask questions, set your specifications, and be proactive about getting the work you want. You can find excellent freelance writers who can take on just the tone you want and create beautiful content for your blog.