A business’s logo is one of the most important branding components to have; the logo speaks volumes of what the business stands for, offers, and how it identifies itself. This logo will cross over from social media to emails to the website to packaging so when you are looking to have a freelance logo design created, make sure it is a standout, clear representation of the business.

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This post was updated on March 2021

The Big Importance of a Great Logo

A logo is basically the face of your company. Whether you have a small company, maybe you are the only employee, or it’s a huge multi-million dollar corporation, your company needs a logo. Your logo tells your target customers who you are. It speaks to what you do and what you represent. It’s the identifying mark on everything about you. It should be on your emails, your packaging, your social media. And people should recognize it.

As a Forbes article tell us, the right logo says everything without saying a word. The logo

  • connotes feelings of honor, trust, pride, excellence and integrity.
  • conveys a series of virtues and a set of values without pages of copy and a team of copywriters.
  • evokes a sense of connection between a brand and consumers.
  • establishes a bond between a company and its community of fans, friends, critics, allies, and champions.

So on top of everything else you do for your business, are you supposed to come up with this great logo yourself? You don’t have to. You can to a freelance logo design artist or service to help create the perfect one. This can be a cost well spent. This is an essential part of the branding of your business and you can get creative with finding ways to get the best logo for your company.

Freelance logo design guide

Before you Seek a Freelance Logo Design Artist or Service

It doesn’t matter what your business is, you need a logo. Maybe you want a logo for your voice over business or maybe you run a tutoring company. Does your t-shirt company need a logo, or the new podcast you have created? Every company, big or small, product or service needs a logo. So let’s see how to get one. But wait, before you even contact a company there are a few things to think about.

The first thing you should do is look hard at your company. What does it represent? What do you want your logo to convey? Think about who your target customers are. Are they young, older, male, female? Try to narrow this down to help your logo appeal to that target base.

Then think about what you like and what you’d like your logo to look like. What about colors? Maybe incorporate your favorite colors or else choose some colors to represent the work you do. If you own a landscape company, the obvious choice is greens and browns, maybe a small pop of color. Sure, it’s okay to be different, but don’t go so far out on a limb that it doesn’t make sense. What about words or letters? You’ll have to think about font, because even that small choice conveys a lot.

Another thought is do you want an abstract or more concrete design? Will your name be in the logo, like Fed Ex or Amazon, or just a design, like Nike or Apple?

And now maybe it’s time to seek that help. The reason why you should think about some of these things beforehand is that you should expect the designer to ask about all of this. If you’ve already put some thought into it, your answers will be clearer. You’ll also know what you’re not sure about it and can ask their input.

The Search Begins

Now that you’ve done a little soul searching, it’s time to start looking for that freelance logo design service or artist. You’ve got a lot of outlets to look at, one great choice is our own BunnyStudio design team. We can handle your design needs in an efficient, clear, professional manner, submit a project now!

One consideration will be the time frame. Are you in a rush to get your design back? Or is it something that can wait a bit? Discuss this with your prospective design team and find someone to meet your needs. BunnyStudio has an average turnaround time of about 24 to 72 hours. One advantage of working with a freelance design service is that they usually can guarantee that turnaround time so you won’t be stuck waiting for your logo.

Another big consideration, of course, is pricing. Freelance logo design pricing can vary immensely from company to company and individual to individual. Deluxe.com tells us that you can expect any logo to run at least $100 (probably more) and, of course, upwards in the $1000’s. Some factors that will dictate cost are

  • the complexity of the design
  • the experience of the designer
  • the size of the company
  • working with  an individual or a design service
  • number of concepts you will receive
  • your location

Some business owners like to work directly with their designer or freelance logo design team, others are happy working with a service that puts a great team together to get your job done. Whichever is a great choice, it just depends on what you are comfortable with.

Once you have found a few designers who you are interested in, check out their work. Get a sense of their vibe and see if it matches yours. If most of their work is very linear and formal, but you want a looser, more casual design, maybe find someone else. If they mostly work with the big guys, find a designer that works with your size company. Remember,  you are the customer. Get what you want.

Your Logo Should Flow Into Everything Else

Think of your logo as the starting point of your branding. This is what people will recognize you with. Your logo design should share the vibe of your company. Think relaxed, formal, linear, soft, creative, logistical…and once you have this logo, the branding begins.

Once you’ve got your logo designed, think about incorporating it into everything else connected to your business. If you are working with a design service, they can do this for you. Think about email templates, brochures, web design, print, and packaging. Your social media should have your logo. Maybe your logo will shift a little bit from one format to another, but it essentially should be the same.


Merch is a big component of marketing for your company no matter the size. Maybe you own a small ice cream shop. Your employees are probably wearing t-shirts and caps with your logo. You can even offer them for purchase. People love stickers and pins, too, so the more attractive your logo is, the more apt they’ll be to purchase merch with your logo. Just because you’re not a coffee shop doesn’t mean you can’t offer logo mugs.

When you are working with someone to create your logo, keep this in mind. Share that you’d like the logo to flow easily into merchandise. You want it to look great on a t-shirt or sweatshirt, sticker or cap. And this part is not only about free advertising but also about building a community with your brand. When your logo is more representative of your brand as well as aesthetically pleasing, your customers will want to showcase it through your merch.

Freelance logo design how to

Working With A Freelance Logo Design Artist is an Investment

You may be thinking that you could design your own logo and save some money.  You’re creative and have some insight. But should you?  It’s not unheard of to create your own logo, but most often business owners choose to work with a freelance logo design professional. The cost is actually an investment and when you find the right freelance logo design price, your money will be well spent.

You will have your logo for years to come, and a professional logo designer will know how to give it longevity.  Rebranding takes a lot of time and money and not something you’ll want to do anytime soon. A professional knows what is current without being overly trendy.

If you are short on your branding budget, you can get creative and look towards a design school and have a student design something for you. Some people even offer a freelance logo design contest and provide a prize for the winner; it doesn’t even have to be monetary. Students enjoy this and will work hard as it can be a resume builder for them. You could get a great design this way.

Another reason to hire someone to create your logo is that it is a time-consuming process. Sure, you may be able to create a logo, but it involves research and time. Do you have the time to commit to creating this all-important piece of your brand? Sometimes, even if you are capable, it pays in the long run to outsource the work. You’ve got plenty of other things to be attending to with your business. Let someone else take this part.

The Bottom Line of Freelance Logo Design

Your logo is your company’s face. It’s the beginning of your brand and hopefully, it will be one that is here to stay. A freelance logo design professional or service can help you out with this and create the perfect logo for your brand. The more information you can give them upfront about your brand, your target customers, and your goals will help ensure they deliver what you want. Feel out the company or individual to make sure your deadlines can be met and your budget will stay in place. Check to make sure the design style is in line with what you want and how you want your brand to be seen.

A  great logo can make a world of difference to your brand. Please contact us at Bunny Studio if we can help. We’d love to be part of your team!