You probably hear it all the time – gig economy, side hustle, gig work, freelance job – these days it’s all about the gig economy. So what it is and how can you benefit from it? One way is to know some of the highest paying gig jobs and see if your skills and experience fit. We bet if you’re interested in the gig economy, there’s something out there just waiting for you.

The Growth of the Gig Economy

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, well, even before that, gig jobs were taking off. People liked being a bit more independent, they liked the flexibility of gig work, and they liked the extra income. And with the uncertainty of the pandemic, they liked these things even more. In fact, business models overall are shifting which leads to a positive environment for the gig economy.

According to, the gig economy is at a fast and steady rate of growth. In 2018 it was a $204 billion industry, by 2023, it’s expected to be at $455 billion. By 2027, there are expected to be over 86 million gig workers in the US. And one of the reasons for this is that job satisfaction among gig workers is high. When you think about it, gig workers are usually doing something they love, and they’re doing it with autonomy. Sure, there are some downsides like benefits and security, but overall, people seem to love gig work.

Some gig workers love it because they can work more than one job. Whether one is traditional and the other is a gig job, or someone is working a few gig jobs, it’s a great way to add in some extra income in your spare time. And gig work spans the industries, from pet care to child care to software engineers and artists. You’ll see some of the highest paying gig jobs and some of the lowest, but you’ll see people loving them whatever they are. Some people work by the project, some by the hour, some set definitive hours while others maintain flexibility. So as we watch the gig economy rise, let’s delve in and look at some of those gig jobs.

Highest paying gig jobs

The beauty of gig work is the flexibility. You can work part-time or full-time; you can hire full-time or part-time. You set your hours. So let’s take a look at some of the highest paying gig jobs and what they do.

Ways to Wealth shares some of these high-paying gig jobs. Any of these can add to your income, it just depends on your personal skills and situation. Let’s take a look at these:

Tech worker

If you’ve got great technical skills, you can work for companies like Hello Tech. These are on demand jobs that help people with their technical issues. These guys help get others through difficulties with their technology. Think fixing a computer or setting up a home theater. It’s a step more personal than a client making a phone call to a help center and trying to fix something themselves. And because it’s a highly skilled job, tech support work pays well.

Content work

We couldn’t not mention content work. After all, that’s what Bunny Studio excels at. If you’ve got content creation skills, from translation to transcription to video editing or blog writing, there’s a place for you in the gig world. You can work far and wide, local or global, and often just the hours you want to. Plenty of people create content as a side job and others do it as their main source of income. Whether you work on your own or on a platform, content creation is a great gig job, and it pays well.


Whether you are working with younger kids or college students, tutoring is a great gig job for those with an academic background, specialized subject knowledge, or simply a knack for teaching. From reading to Multivariable Calculus to learning English as a second language, people use tutors. And with the surge of online learning during the pandemic, you can teach anywhere as long as you have a good screen and the Zoom app. Freelance tutors can make a lot of money per hour and have steady work when they find clients who want weekly sessions.

Dog sitting

You may not think of dog sitting as one of the highest paying gig jobs, but it certainly can pay well. People love their dogs and want the best for them. From in-home dog sitting to regularly scheduled walking or overnights, if you love dogs and have a connection with them, consider taking on this gig job. If you have any dog training experience, it’s a big plus. Also, if you happen to have a great fenced backyard, you can have the dogs come to stay with you.

Massage therapy and other salon services

You are going to see more and more wellness professionals moving out of the big bustling salons and taking on their own gigs. This ranges from massage to nails to eyebrows and hair services. There are companies out there like for wellness professionals where you can find local jobs from an online platform. Whether you work on a platform or solely through word of mouth in your community, as long as you have a space to work and your supplies, you can bring quite a nice income through this type of gig job.

Other great gig jobs

These may not pay as well, but there is still a pretty penny to be made. Think about some other jobs like drivers or shoppers, data entry or personal assistants. People love organizers and bakers and cleaners. If you have a skill, a hobby, or are very good at something, there’s a great possibility you can find some gig work. Then it’s up to you how much time you want to put in it.

highest paying gig jobs

How to find those highest paying gig jobs

So you’ve narrowed down what you think you could make work, now to find the gigs. Let’s go with our tutoring example and let’s say you have an English degree and you are fluent in Spanish. Maybe you’ve even taught before. With this gig job, you can go both local and global.

If you decide to work on a tutoring/teaching platform, you will get gigs as they become available and fit your skillset. The more areas you can teach or tutor in, the more possibilities you’ll have. So maybe you taught high school English. We bet you have a great sense of grammar and writing. Not only could you work on a tutoring platform, but you could also work on a content platform as a writer or editor. Our Bunny Studio writing pros write everything from short scripts to blogs to ghost-written material. We have translation pros, too, so if you know more than one language, that could be an addition to your repertoire. That being said, an online platform in your specialty is a great place to start.

Another great place to find gigs is on your local social media. Just like a larger online platform, you may be able to find local jobs through social media. And once you start working in your area, word of mouth travels fast and is great advertising.


One thing to take into account is the area where you live. Revenue depends a lot on the area. For instance, a dog walker in Atlanta, Georgia can charge much more than one in Washington, Ga. And sure, you have to be local to walk a dog, but there are plenty of other gig jobs that can be done remotely. When working remotely, you can hit up areas where the cost of living is higher and earn more money. And if you are willing to travel a bit, you can do the same.

The more skilled, the higher paying the gig jobs are

It only makes sense that the more specialized and skilled you are, the more you can get paid for your gig work. A dog trainer can make more than a dog walker. A video pro who also edits can make more than one who just shoots the video. And speaking of video, the more specialized your art and equipment are, the more you can make.

Often your resume and background will allow you to make your money, as well. If you have a full career behind you along with a top-notch education and certifications, you may be able to make more than if you are just starting out. If you’ve got some strong references and client reviews, that always helps, too.

Be creative

Gig jobs, even the highest paying gig jobs reach far beyond the ones we normally think of. Sure, we all know about Uber, Door Dash, and some of the other online platforms, but if you have a skill, get it out there. It can be a hobby you feel passionate about or a skill that took years of education to master. Whatever the case, think outside the box to what you do best, there’s probably a gig job waiting to open!

Bunny Studio

Our talent here is made up of professional freelancers, and it’s high-end gig work. We even go above and beyond with a tight team of freelancers and Bunny full-time employees to create the best content we can. If you have a content creation skill you’d like to share with us, please reach out, and let’s see if you’d be a good fit. After all, we love the gig economy and think our team is one of the best. Browse our creative outlets and reach out to us here, and welcome to the gig economy.