Are you wondering how to record Discord audio for later use? Well, only game freaks can relate! Picture this: You’re on a mission, enjoying the latest Battlefield game on your PC. All is well until you reach the advanced stages, then oops, you hit rock bottom. What do you do?  You’ll seek help. But how do you communicate with other gamers?

You can try chatting tools like Discord.

Though these forums happen in real-time, it’s almost impossible to recall everything discussed during these sessions. Unfortunately, Discord doesn’t have recording functionality.

Nevertheless, the inability to record audio is just a drop in the ocean for an app that boasts a 250 million fanbase — and up to 14 million visits per day. This is because Discord offers much more benefits to its users, like helping them strategize when participating in games remotely.

So, what is Discord? How can you record Discord audio during forums? What are the right tools to use?

Let’s find out this and more, shall we?

What is Discord?

Discord is a specifically built app for PC gamers that includes voice, video, and texting functionalities. The free-for-all tool combines a gamer-friendly chat interface enjoyed in the Slack application with the voice/video capabilities found in software like Skype.

This app allows gamers to:

  • Find and connect with other gamers
  • Chat while on missions
  • Plan/coordinate attacks
  • Hold video meetings

To achieve these, users can text, call or share a voice recording.

The widespread adoption of Discord is attributable to its easy-to-use interface and handy chat features. Furthermore, it allows you to search and add other gamers to your buddy list for faster communication.

This tool tends to stand out as a meeting place for people with common interests because it offers so much.

How Does Discord Work?

Discord’s functionality hinges mainly on servers.

The sections below elaborate on how the Discord platform works.

Server/Chat room

Much like other chat platforms, Discord allows you to create a chat room/ server to invite other users.

All the people you invite to your newly-created server will receive a link that allows them entry into the chat space.

Once they’ve joined, they can text, voice-chat, or make video calls to other users within the server.

Remember, you can also learn how to record discord audio and capture these conversations.


Channels allow you to chat through voice and text for optimal usability. Furthermore, you can privatize specific channels within your server to make them accessible to invites only.

Therefore, you can split the server into channels or smaller chat rooms and focus on specific conversations, away from the large forum. These can be free-for-all (public) or restricted to invites (private).

Nevertheless, users can join multiple servers simultaneously, making the platform a versatile chill spot for those who love to socialize.

how to record discord audio

Private/Public Servers

Discord doesn’t restrict you to a specific number of servers. Hence, you are free to join as many chat rooms as possible and can shuffle from one to the next as preferred. Your server list appears on the app’s left end, and chat rooms are accessible with the clicking of a button.

For gamers, they can be part of a private server while also being a part of several public servers. In the private channel, they can plan, coordinate, or strategize ahead of a contest.

Please note that though Discord allows you to look up all public servers via its search feature, you must receive an invitation link (which you click) to enter the chat room.

Verified Servers

Another functionality Discord added a few years ago is the “verified servers” feature.

Verified servers can be servers launched by game creators or popular forums where players gather to chat and meet game creators.

Only Discord has the right to verify a server.

Why Learn How to Record Discord Audio?

Why would you need a record of the discussions captured during Discord conversations?

Discord is a gamer’s data house:  Recording gives you access to these discussions for future reference.

Therefore, whether you are discussing gaming strategies or attending an open forum, it’s crucial to prepare your tools upfront if you intend to capture everything discussed therein.

Some of the pros of capturing these forums include:

  • To record whatever you missed or might forget: It’s easy to forget some of the discussions in a video or audio call unless you take notes—which gamers hardly do. A more straightforward approach is to record everything and play the audio later.
  • To have a backup for future reference: Who doesn’t need an audio copy of the dental tips to a favorite game that’s proving too tough to crack?
  • To share with someone else (who didn’t attend the forum) later on: Maybe you have a gaming podcast and would love to share those new game hacks with your audience. How do you go about it? Just record the session, listen to it later, redo it in your unique voice, and then share.
  • To remember complicated steps or game instructions: Gaming instructions sound more like “do this, do that…go here, then there,” which can easily escape your mind. This confusion gets worse if you’re new to the game and its jargon.

So, did you find recording Discord audio beneficial?

If you did, do you know how to record Discord audio? Which tools can one use?

Learn more below.

How to Record Discord Audio on All Computer & Smartphone Devices

Kindly note, you can only record Discord audio using third-party tools because the app doesn’t have a built-in recording feature. Thus, to capture a discussion, you must first set up a recording tool and then add Disord as the source audio.

Your recording options include the following tools:

a)    OBS for Windows, Mac, Linux

OBS is an expert-level free-for-all recording and streaming software popularly used on Twitch and YouTube.

It works in all computer operating systems: Windows, Mac, or Linux

Follow these tips to record the audio via OBS:

  1. Set the audio format to MP4. To do this:
  • Go to File
  • Choose Settings
  • In the Settings area, choose Output
  • Go to Recording Format
  • Choose MP4 in the drop-down list
  1. To capture Discord audio:
  • Go to Sources
  • Click the (+) icon
  • Go to Audio Output Capture
  • It will prompt you to Create New. (In this window, you can rename or leave as is).
  • Hit OK
  • A window titled “Properties for Discord” or Source X (depending on your naming) will pop up requesting you to use device timestamps
  • Hit OK

At this point, OBS’s Audio Mixer will appear, showing the audio source.

  1. To record audio, go to Controls and click on Start Recording
  2. To stop the recording, hit Stop Recording and select Yes on the popup that appears. If you hit this button unintentionally, click No.

b)    Graig ChatBot for Android & Mac

Craig’s Discord bot allows you to capture audio in all computer and smartphone operating systems.

However, the Craig ChatBot process may be technical for ordinary people. In essence, it involves inviting the Craig bot to a Discord server and typing in special commands to prompt it into capturing conversations.

After recording the audio, you will receive a download link to download your file in a preferred format.

Nevertheless, if you get lost in this long tiresome process or find it too hectic, hire an audio expert to help you set up the recording. These engineers understand the complex audio capturing tools and how to record discord audio.

How to Share Audio on Discord

Sharing audio in Discord requires the sharing of your device screen with other users.  

First, enter a voice server or channel. Then decide whether to join a video call or share your screen as soon as you are there. Discord will ask you to select the screen you’d like to “go live” via and then give you access to the screen.

Be sure to customize microphone settings so that you can share your voice plus the screen. (If you wish to go on mute, click the microphone icon).

How to Record Discord Audio by Creating Your Discord Server

Creating a new server on Discord isn’t as complicated as you may imagine.

Follow these simple steps to create and name a server:

  • Go to the vertical menu on the screen’s left side
  • Locate the (+) icon
  • Name your server as you wish
  • Add an image to make it stand out
  • Choose a server location that is nearest to you

That’s all. Your server is ready!

Next, the app will create a link that allows you to welcome other users to your chat room.

Soon as you enter the server, you can:

  • Create new channels using the (+) icon on the voice and text buttons (on the left side).
  • Access and customize the control settings on each channel and privatize or make them public
  • You can also decide who gets to generate invite links in the settings section.

Join the Discord Community & Learn How to Record Discord Audio

Whether you’re into ultra-modern warfare like Call of Duty or love to go old-school with Assassin’s Creed, Discord is the place to meet people with similar interests. Its extensive functionality makes it a helpful community platform for people with matching interests.

Players worldwide can merge to form or join public/private servers. Here, hundreds (or more) of people gather, chill, and chat through video, voice, or text. It’s like forming multiple mini gaming podcasts.

Some of the best places to search for public servers include:

  • com
  • me
  • org

Though created with gamers in mind, the platform doesn’t limit server creators to game-related topics. Instead, anyone can open a chat room focusing on any subject such as:

  • Digital currencies
  • Movies and Anime
  • Personal improvement, and so on

Some users also build groups where people can link up, meet buddies, and chill.

Final Words on How to Record Discord Audio

Because third-party tools are involved, recording Discord audio can be a hassle. If these discussions seem tedious to you, hire an audio expert from Bunny Studio to set up everything for you.