How do you succeed in a gig economy? It’s a question a lot of people are asking these days. The economy is shifting, and even traditional jobs aren’t, well, so traditional anymore. Remember the old sitcoms where the dads worked 9 to 5, then maybe their boss came over for dinner. That’s pretty much fiction these days, and the economy has shifted to flex jobs, remote work, and the gig economy. Sure, office jobs are still around, but they’re not quite so traditional. So maybe you’re ready to try the gig economy. Yes, give it a go, but first, read on to see how you can up your chances of success in the gig economy.

Who is the gig economy for?

So before you learn about how do you succeed in a gig economy, you may want to think about if the gig economy is for you. It is truly on the rise, but it’s not for everyone. Take a look at some of these factors and see what you think, these may be good indicators of if the gig economy is for you.

  • Do you count on your employer for benefits and other perks? If so, the gig economy may not be for you. You Matter reminds us that when you’re a gig worker, the days of paid days off are over. There are no official sick days or vacation time. You have to be responsible for insurance, taxes, and retirement plans. But if this isn’t an issue for you, go for it. The gig economy may be just what you need.
  • Do you love short jobs and an ever-changing customer and client base? Then you may fit right in the gig economy. Gig workers tend to work short jobs and have a constant flux of customers. They may work on a video for a wedding, and the next week they’re filming a three-year-old soccer game. The good thing about gig work, it tends to stay exciting and fluid.
  • Can you work independently? When you like to work by yourself and have a good drive and motivation, you may do very well in the gig economy. No one is going to check in on you to see if you’re at work, but if you’re not, you won’t get paid. Sure, you can’t get fired, but you may not get any repeat business or referrals. You’ve got to stay on top of things, and you’re the one checking yourself.
  • Do you have a skill or talent to offer? Gig workers have some sort of skill or talent that someone else needs. From driving to babysitting to housecleaners or actors, some sort of talent is offered in gig work. Maybe you love yoga, get out there and offer yoga classes. That’s gig work. Do you love math? Tutors are gig workers. Maybe you find your peace cleaning homes or painting walls. It’s gig work, too. So think about what people need, and what you can offer them. If you find a match, you may be cut out for gig work.

So how do you succeed in a gig economy?

You’ve decided that gig work is right for you. You’re ready to put on your freelance hat and get out there. But wait, some keys to success would be so helpful. Let’s take a look.

Think about some of those things that make people successful in the traditional work world. Things like routine, regular work spots, organization. Now, take those and apply them to your gig job.

Maintain a routine

Sure, your gig job may be different every day, but if you can set aside hours to work that have some routine, you’ll find you may be more successful and focused. For instance, if you are a freelance writer, choose those hours when you work best and make them your work hours. If you’re going to teach art to children, set aside the after-school hours to be accessible. Whether you are driving for Uber or producing audio content, have a routine. This Forbes article tells us that in the gig economy, it’s even more important to maintain a routine for productivity, managing stress, and creating happiness. Set those routines and stay with them. That may include getting up at the same time every day, walking your dog at regular times, and eating meals on a routine, along with setting those regular work hours.

How do you succeed in a gig economy?

Create a social group

Remember the proverbial water cooler and the talk surrounding it? If you’re a gig worker, that’s something you won’t have. At least not one where you can vent about politics, share the latest workout trend, or talk about 9 Perfect Strangers. You are going to find that you need some people. Even introverts (you know who you are) need some contact in the social world. Whether you find time to hang out with your family, your old friends, or you make some new ones in your current community, find your support network. Gig work can be a little isolating at times, so make sure to find time to connect with people. Maybe call your mom, text in your group chat, or have dinner with your best friend. Just like you should keep a routine, you should keep some social connections, too.

Keep climbing

No matter what your gig work is, always strive to be better. You know that if you were in a traditional setting, you’d consistently set new goals and objectives to fulfill professionally. You can do that with gig work, too. Think about working more hours or maybe taking on more clients. Look for more and new opportunities doing what you do. As long as you are continuing to grow and advance your gig, you’re going to be successful.

Balance your work/life

This is a big one when you are thinking about how do you succeed in a gig economy. You are going to need to balance your work and life. There’s a New York Times cartoon where a woman is sitting on her couch with her laptop. She says, I can’t wait till 5:00 so I can stop looking at work stuff and start looking at non-work stuff. At least she has a work/life balance.

It’s important to differentiate between work and life. Our Bunny Studio library has some great information on work-life balance. Here are some of our tips that our team swears by:

  • Create family/friend time
  • Find time to exercise/meditate
  • Listen to music or watch TV
  • Turn off the screens
  • Walk the dog or play with the cat

One of the most effective things our team says is to create a specific workspace at home. It will feel like your office even if it’s the kitchen table. Then when work is over, close it up, and walk away.

More on how to succeed in a gig economy

Another way to succeed in the gig economy is to be creative. Remember earlier when we mentioned that if you can think of a problem people have and how you can help, you’ve got an in already in the gig economy. Trust yourself and have confidence. Today’s economy has plenty of room for gig workers, and you’re only limited by yourself. If you are ready to move into gig work, assess your skills and go for it.

Whether you are stepping out of the traditional work world or you are just entering the job market, gig work is a great supplemental income, transitional work, or can be a full-time profession. Another key to making it work, however, is to do the work. As Harvard Business Review tells us, produce or perish. This means you’ve got to do the work. No matter what it is, do the work. Sure, you can sign up on Uber to be a driver, but if you’re not taking jobs, then you’re not succeeding. You can call yourself a college consultant, but if you don’t have clients, you’re really not a consultant. If you sign up on a freelance platform like Bunny Studio, you’ve got to take the gigs. If you don’t produce, you’ll perish.

Speaking of platforms

You don’t have to be all alone to be successful in the gig economy. There are platforms to work on like Bunny Studio for creative content. You can look to other sites for other professions, like for dog walking or for odd jobs. These can all help find work for you, and you can pick and choose to do what you really love.

Be happy

One thing about the gig economy that is consistent is that people are happy working in this capacity. The pressures of big corporations are not there, and most often people are doing something they love. If you don’t like kids you’re probably not going to look for babysitting gig jobs. But if you are thrilled to party plan, get out there, set your prices, and plan parties.

Sure, there may be a lof of work in a gig job if you are taking it all the way, but there’s more satisfaction, too. You’ll work with clients you love; you’ll do what you love. And you can be successful when you look at these strategies. Remember the key takeaways:

  • Create a routine to stick to
  • Find a support structure
  • Set attainable goals and keep growing
  • Balance work and life
  • Be happy

If content creation is your thing, reach out to us at Bunny Studio. We love our creatives, and we love helping them find success in the gig economy. Our pros are writers, voice artists, designers, videographers, and more. If you are looking to get into the gig economy, you may have found your home. We’d love to chat, and you can always find us here.