The digital landscape has evolved rapidly over the last two decades. New marketing tools are emerging, with some dominating the business marketing scene. Video content has largely dazzled the marketing world over the previous few years. It has emerged as the future of digital marketing. Hence the increase in outsourcing video.

Ground-breaking innovations in internet technology have inevitably boosted the consumption of video content. Therefore, it is making it one of the most powerful marketing tools. Research analysts predict digital video penetration in the U.S to reach 83.8% in 2021.

A Think with Google study says that 6 out of 10 people would rather watch videos online than television. These numbers give a glimpse of the effectiveness of visual content as a core component of digital marketing strategy. Thus, as a business owner or a manager, you have to stay abreast of the latest marketing trends to stay ahead of the competition.

For most small businesses and corporates, outsourcing video production is allowing them to leverage the benefits of this versatile marketing tool.

In this post, you will learn the benefits of outsourcing your video production, the requirements and processes to make the project successful.

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Why Use Video for your Marketing Strategy?

Times are hard, and both small and big businesses have been forced to cut on spending. The global economic projections are gloomy, and in such an environment, you have to tweak your marketing strategy to fit the COVID 19 times.

One thing that’s not in doubt is that more people are now online. With this in mind, it becomes easier to argue a case for digital video.

Here are some reasons to include this content in your strategy:

1. Boost conversion rates

Video is a smart investment as it can increase conversion rates for your business. In today’s highly competitive marketing environment, a better conversion is one of the primary objectives for marketers. A recent study by Hubspot shows adding video on landing page boost conversions by 80%.

2. Video for SEO

Search engines love video. Just take a look at search engine result pages (SERPs) to appreciate this fact.

Video results are increasingly dominating the first positions on SERPs. Thus, it is a good reason to embrace this video technique.

Internet users also love engaging content, and it is no wonder YouTube ranks second after Google in search engines.

3. Credibility and Trust

Visual content is more believable and creates a better connection with viewers. For instance, if you want to leverage user-generated content (UGC), it is more effective to share videos of a customer’s testimonials than posting text on your review page. You can also use your employees or customers for voice-overs in such videos.

4. Versatility

Video production provides content for multiple applications. From educating, entertaining, informing, employee training, product launch, email marketing campaigns, SEO, reputation management to promotions, there’s no limit to what you can do with this kind of content.

Outsourcing video for companies

5. Social Shares

In this age of social media, you have to be mindful of the type of content you create. You need easily sharable content that will get your brand noticed. A 2018 study shows 92% of mobile video viewers share with others in their contact/friends. It is a compelling reason to include this type of content in your marketing campaigns.

6. Great ROI

When choosing any marketing technique, you have to consider the return on investment (ROI). Video has proven to be one of the most popular marketing tools in terms of ROI. In one study, 52% of marketers agreed this type of content offers the best ROI.

7. Leveraging Mobile Users

Mobile now dominates the digital marketing ecosystem, and as a marketer, you have to find the best way to tap into this new trend.

Video and mobile are closely linked. That’s the reason the growth of mobile has been accompanied by a surge in video viewing.

Moreover, mobile video consumption is increasing by 100% every year. Such stats highlights the potential for using this authoritative type of content in a world where more people go online on mobile.

8. Customization

It’s easy to customize a video project to suit a given budget, business, vision, and other metrics. It is one reason this technique is prevalent across all sizes of companies and industries.

Why Consider Outsourcing Video Production?

Whatever the type of business or organization you run, you will appreciate there’s a lot on your hand.

For businesses, there’s a lot to think about in terms of daily operations, supply chain management, web administration, employee management, financial accounting, compliance, and much more. Managers of large organizations also have their in-trays full at all times.

In such a hectic environment, trying to create an in-house video for any purpose will not end well.  This is where outsourcing comes handy.

Outsourcing video has become one of the most dominant trends over the last few decades, and it has powered the growth of businesses across industries. Just take a look at outsourcing YouTube video trends.

For video productions, you can now work with established production companies or freelancers. These experts have the prerequisite skills and resources to run such projects from the planning phase to the launch stage.

Here are some of the practical benefits of outsourcing your video project:

Benefits of Outsourcing Videos

1. Access to Equipment and Technology

Video equipment is expensive. It can force a company to invest heavily in such an in-house project. Furthermore, they’ll need cameras, editing software, lighting equipment, mics, and other tools for professional production. If you want to leave a lasting impression with high-quality video content, it’s advisable to partner with a reputable production company.

2. Flexible Pricing

There’s no one-fits-all production package for all clients. Every client has unique needs. For this reason, production companies are offering tailored and negotiable rates depending on your needs.

In video outsourcing, you only pay for that you need, unlike in an in-house production where you might have to buy the equipment you’ll never use again.

3. Cost-savings

While in-house video projects might look cheaper at a glance, you have to consider the running costs of maintaining a large team. You need a payroll, training, taxes, insurance, office space, and all these add to the cost of running your business.

Outsourcing video saves you money: you pay for a project only when it runs.  Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about initial expenditure which would go into tens of thousands. Better still, you will never pay for downtime when there’s no project running.

4. Leverage Professional Experience

While your marketing team understands your business vision, they don’t always have the insight required to make professional video content. Thus, it’s advisable to let the professionals do their job, and the results will ultimately show it.

For instance, these experts will help bring the idea in your mind to life through a selection of the ideal location, actors, and the latest trends in this industry.

Whether you are thinking of outsourcing YouTube videos, corporate videos, social media content, employee training content, or any such project, your expert will get it done.

5. Unlock your Creativity

Many businesses have great ideas, but they lack the talent to bring these ideas to life. Your in-house marketing team might have fantastic concepts to captivate the target audience. Nevertheless, they need a video producer to refine them into storylines.

A video professional does away with too much strategizing and instead showcases what is possible. They also bring an objective perspective to the project, which helps unlock the potential in your team.

6. Better Video Results

The digital marketing environment is highly competitive, and only the most innovative brands survive. You need to create amazing content to stand out from the crowd. That’s a good reason to bring in experts in video production.

The outsourcing video companies feature experts in all areas, including writers, scriptwriters, producers, editors, and photographers. These work in tandem to guarantee better results and efficiency in the project. From the pre-production to the post-production phase, you have a reliable team working on your project.

Outsourcing video with freelancers

The Nitty Gritty of Video Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an excellent alternative to video production. Even the most prominent brands have embraced this trend highlights its effectiveness.

Here’s how you can make it work for your company:

1. Understand the Project

The project covers pre-production, production, and post-production.

Pre-production entails all planning, including concept generation, storyboarding, and production planning.

The production phase covers the creative direction, talent management. It includes the hiring of voice artists, lighting design, and content capture (filming)

Post-production deals with editing, sound engineering, graphics & animation, and the feedback process.

2. Choose the Right Production Company

Identify the best professionals through research, seek referrals, recommendations, and read reviews. Go for an experienced company with a solid reputation and one offering tailored production solutions. The team should be ready to listen and incorporate your ideas. Check for reliable customer support for accessible communication.

3. Prepare for the Video Production

You should approach this project with a concrete idea of the objectives. Moreover, you should know the purpose of the video and discuss the same with your team.

Know the tone you want to use based on your target audience research. It’s also essential to do competitor analysis if you want your production to stand out.

Define the scope of the project and share your vision early enough with your team. At the same time, work on the budget and understand the limitations.

It is also vital to set production timelines and communicate these with the production company.

4. Communication is Key

Most collaborative projects fail due to poor communication.

You should set out clear channels of communication and agree on reporting. The video producer should keep you up-to-date with the project at all times.

It is a fact that strong relationships build the best videos, and for this reason, you should cultivate communication, trust, and mutual respect.

Final Thoughts on Outsourcing Video

The business environment today is volatile, and only the most creative brands will survive. You’ll need to stay on the lookout for the best strategies to showcase your business and put it in front of your target customers.

Video offers the perfect solution to reach out to a broader audience on mobile, boost brand visibility through shares, and increase revenues through high conversion rates.

Thus, with these tips on outsourcing professional video production, you are ready to promote your brand.