You can find a podcast on pretty much any topic these days, but you can also find podcasts geared towards certain demographic groups. One big genre is the podcast for men category which holds tons of valuable information and entertainment.

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This post has been updated in October 2021.

What is Important about the Podcast for Men Category?

Sure, there are tons of podcasts with no distinction, anyone and everyone could find joy from them. Who’s to say a game show podcast or one about finances or true crime isn’t something any gender would enjoy? But, on the other hand, there are some podcasts distinctively geared toward one gender. The podcast for men category is a big one, and it’s important, too.

Podcasts for men are a particular category that contains shows that men may find interesting. Sure, we tend to think of things like sports or beer or gadgets, and yes, these are all part of this category. But it’s much broader and more significant than that. The ideas that fall into this category are broad. They are also current and relevant to the world we live in. Podcasting is a great format for men to connect with some of these topics.

Because people usually listen to podcasts on their own, it’s a great way to delve into something they otherwise may not want to share. You don’t have to talk about what you listen to. However, you can reflect on it and learn from it. Men can step into a topic they otherwise may not want to. They can listen to any genre in a judgment-free zone. For instance, they can listen to podcasts regarding feminism from a male’s point of view or how to improve a relationship. They can listen to podcasts on addiction or unhappiness or parenting skills. They can also listen to all the sports they want, or anything else for that matter, without it cutting into family or relationship time.

The format of podcasts allows listening to be a personal, individual thing. For most adults, especially men, there’s not a lot of that with all the demands on daily lives. Podcasting allows men to plug in for a bit. They can take a little time for themselves. Sure, it’s usually when doing something else, like commuting or exercising or those chores around the house, but nonetheless, it’s some me time. And men need that, too.

Take a Listen to These

Just like the podcast for women genre, the range in podcasts geared towards men is quite broad. As mentioned, we know that many men enjoy a podcast about sports or gadgets. But the men’s health genre and men’s mental health genre are also huge in the podcast industry. And this is very important. Men don’t tend to seek health care or mental health care as much as women do. Though a podcast is certainly not a substitution for healthcare, it’s a pretty good supplement. A podcast geared towards men discussing some health issues can be an important addition to men’s health.

Podcast for Men to listen

Before we get to men’s health, let’s take a look at some great podcasts worth a listen in some of these categories geared towards men:

Good Beer Hunting – It seems we would be remiss without including a podcast about beer in this article. This podcast features award-winning interviews with those in the beer industry. It also has the ability to connect this beer-loving community.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Whether you want great historical tidbits to toss out at your next cocktail party or you miss the days of high school history class, this is a great podcast for catching up with and learning about history. These episodes are long and in-depth. However, once you’re in, Carlin has a way of connecting modern events and ways of thinking with the past, and discovering what we can learn

The Good Dad Project – Women have tons of podcasts about being moms. Moms to littles, moms to teens, empty-nest moms. But what about the dads? They have struggles with parenting, too, and want to strive to be the best parents they can. These short episodes touch on all aspects of parenting, and not just parenting. We all know to be a great parent you’ve got to be the best version of yourself, and this podcast can help you find that version. From giving up alcohol to sustaining a great relationship with others in your life, including the mom of your children, this podcast has thoughtful bits to benefit you in a number of ways.

Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson – Science and pop culture meet with comedians, scientists, and celebrities to have a fun taste of science through this astrophysicist/ household name’s fun podcast. Topics include things like Understanding the Corona Virus, Black Holes and Dark Energy, and Playing the Game of Thrones with George RR Martin.

The Art of Manliness – With episodes like 10 Things Your Father Should Have Taught You About Style and How to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes or Less, this podcast has a great smattering of all kinds of topics. It also has the simple goal of making all listeners better men.

Sure, it’s not just men that can listen to these podcasts, but they do have a certain appeal to men. There’s a huge variety of great things to listen to. Plus,  more and more relevant podcasts keep finding their way into this medium.

Men’s Mental Health Podcasts

The mental health genre is hugely important. Men are notorious for ignoring their mental health. Depression and other mental health disorders are prevalent in men. Male suicide is on the rise, and over 4 times as many men than women die by suicide. Men also tend to abuse substances more than women as a symptom of mental illness.

This is serious, so how can podcasts help? Podcasts for men geared towards mental health can get men talking about things that used to be taboo to discuss. Only a few decades ago, men didn’t talk about mental health. Not depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or any of the other mental health disorders. Now, the more men can open up about it and normalize it, the more it can be treated.

Here are a few important podcasts in this genre for men:

Man Talk: Tackling Mental Health – Man Talk stays away from offering mental health advice, but it lets men open up in a casual, organic way about the struggles they have experienced. This can let other men see that mental health is real, it hits anyone, and you can work through it.

Man Cove Well Being – These podcasts help men find their path to happiness through men (and women) sharing their stories and journeys from around the world. This is a show that opens up the conversation on men’s mental health and empowers men with the knowledge and inner resources to heal.

These are such important topics to let men see that it’s okay to talk about, be afraid of, and deal with. Though a podcast is by no means a substitution for treatment, it can help a man realize he needs treatment, or that he’ll be ok. Podcasts can show men that other men go through similar things, and there are solutions.

Another benefit of listening to mental health podcasts for men is that they can implement some strategies to live a calmer life, like mediation, focused breathing, exercise, and finding some inner peace. There’s encouragement and support here.

Podcast for Men for podcasting

Men’s Podcasts for Men’s Health

This is another giant category in the podcast for men genre. Yes, mental health is crucial, but so is general health. Men, who are notorious for putting off doctor’s appointments, can learn a lot about issues specific to men’s health from podcasts.

A couple of credible shows are:

Men’s Health Minute – This podcast for men covers a plethora of relevant topics. In short episodes, you can find anything from fitness to sexual health to diet to grooming.

Whoop Podcast – With a mission to unlock human performance, this podcast interviews the best of the best in health and fitness. It inspires and unlocks the potential in all men.

Advertising and Merch on Podcasts for Men

This is a whole giant realm of potential. Advertising is a hot spot with podcasts. Companies like Harry’s razors and Hims and Bombas socks are big names in the world of podcast advertising. When a host endorses a product, it adds credibility. When a podcast has a certain following, it’s a great place to advertise. Listeners actually enjoy listening to podcast ads. They have that connection with their host and with the interesting, intimate way hosts do live endoresemnts, the audience wants to experience the product or service as well.

Another thing about podcasts for men is the potential for merchandise. These podcasts can sell to their brand and to their audience. Podcast merch is a big thing, and whether the men are buying it for themselves or others are buying it as gifts for them, it’s a win-win for podcaster and listener. From mugs to shirts to stickers and caps, merch is a great way to bring a community of listeners together.

Wrapping Up

You’ll have no trouble finding podcasts for men. The trick is finding the one that suits you. take a look by category or host or episodes, and you’re sure to find something of benefit and interest. Podcasts are much more than entertainment. They bring communities together. Podcasts offer hope and inspiration through a struggle, and they offer normalcy and connection. From sports to working out to TV shows and cars, podcasts for men offer a plethora of relevant topics. You can find shows on dating and relationships, parenting and retirement. These podcasts add a sense of value to the medium. Whether you decide to listen on your commute, during your work out, or in your man cave, you may find yourself relating some of the relevant information you’ve learned. You may be surprised to see how a simple podcast can impact and influence your life.

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