It’s hard to get a startup, company, or idea off the ground even in this hyper-connected age. As opportunities for getting content out increase, so do challenges. How do you engage your prospective clients, and how do you make sure your content gets seen at all? That’s when SEO content writing services can give you a leg up; if you’re looking for strategies to make your audience notice you over your competitors, you’re in the right place.

And yes, competition is stiff, perhaps more than ever. As the internet provides many virtually cost-free options for publishing and creating a fanbase, the signal-to-noise ratio gets skewed in the wrong direction. Or, in other words: there’s too much out there, and not many ways to tell what’s good. So, how do we find what we’re actually looking for?

Say you have a search that you need to make on Google, like ‘best leather jackets.’ Let’s walk through the typical process:

  • You input ‘best leather jackets’ on the search bar.
  • Then, you check out the first few results.
  • If you’re taking a deep dive, you’ll go through four or five of the resulting pages.
  • At most, you’ll scroll all the way down.
  • On the off chance you’re a virtual Magellan, you’ll maybe get to page 2.

And that’s OK, really. It’s not that humans are inherently lazy; it’s just that the human attention span is dropping by the minute. And that might be because we’ve got a million things competing for our limited attention economy. We generally trust the good graces of search engines to do part of the work for us. But, do you know there are ways to use their algorithms in your favor and increase your standing? Read on for more!

seo content writing services

SEO Content Writing Services – The Basics

Remember the old days of advertising? It was more like “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.” We’re way past that type of unsophisticated approach, which means that every part of your content strategy needs to have a reasoned intent behind it. And, sure, you’d be right in thinking that having well-written content that represents your ideas, values, and products is the way to go. But, that alone won’t get you measurable success in the world of online marketing in 2021.

And why is that? Because well-written content and SEO-ready content are two different, non-mutually-exclusive things. And to dress for success in the online world, you need SEO content writing services that can do both. Nobody cares if you’ve got a Nebula Award winner writing your blogs if nobody’s reading them; conversely, no one really likes shoddy, half-baked content that reads as if it was written for an algorithm and not for actual, discerning readers.

In a nutshell, SEO content writing services give you great writing combined with up-to-date Search Engine Optimization best practices. The result? Audiences-focused content that illustrates, informs, and entertains, while also serving the double purpose of ranking you higher on searches. In the end, you’ll have a happy audience, as well as a growing number of visitors. And it’s not just about buffing up numbers, but about quality pageviews that actually make sense for your business, niche, or service.

And that’s because so many SEO writers only care about bumping up numbers that it’s ridiculous. What you want is interested, engaged visitors who are reaching your website for the correct reasons. Who cares if you get a 150% increase in visits when you’re selling shoelaces and they’re coming to you for pumpkin pie recipes?

Let’s take a deeper look at what you need.

Great Writing Is the Springboard

Ah, great writing, truly a cryptozoological wonder in the world of freelance writing. Heck, it’s about as rare as a well-reasoned, measured, and thoughtful post about politics on social media. And not just in the world of freelancing, but in newsrooms, academia, fiction, anywhere at all.

And, it’s the lynchpin that holds everything else together. It doesn’t matter if you have the best SEO strategy in the universe, with keywords up the yin yang and a killer, innovative product or service. Bad writing is the easiest way to sort out the pros from the amateurs, the dilettantes from the artists, the — you get me. It’s the first thing that will make a prospective client stand up and take notice in the worst way possible.

Have you ever browsed a product page, an interesting art site, or been looking for apps with competitive prices, only to find questionable content? It doesn’t inspire much trust, does it? And that’s saying plenty already because even if much of the writing out there is not intolerably bad, it’s pretty mediocre. Thus, we’ve gotten inured to mediocre content so much that many providers think it’s a solid idea to provide that level of writing quality just because their SEO practices are OK.

But I’m here to tell you it’s not OK. And hey, it’s not that you should think about writers as some virtual Swiss Army Knife either. Great SEO content writing services are typically a small team affair; someone takes care of the keywords and of managing the SEO practices, and the writer optimizes them into something that makes sense. You don’t necessarily need a multi-skilled wizard who can juggle ten tasks at once.


The writing has to have zest, personality, and represent your vision, brand, product, and values to the utmost degree. Otherwise, the whole ship sinks. What I wrote in our article about freelance blog writing still stands:

Freelance blog writers, thus, are there to help you create quality blog content practically on a dime. They’re talented content professionals who can take any subject, any topic, read the needs of your audience, and produce articles of any length that show:

  1. Expertise and know-how about the subject.
  2. Amazing vocabulary, grammar, and the ability to summarize complex ideas.
  3. When necessary, opinions and creativity, as well as writing flair — as little or as much as you require.
  4. A fresh take that keeps the engagement of your readers high throughout.

You provide the writers with the idea, and they take that skeleton to create something greater than the sum of its parts; something that is true to what you mean to convey but condensed in a way that maximizes the engagement of your audience. It strips away the unnecessary jargon, technicalities, and overly detailed insider stories that tend to bog down content because creators can’t trim down the fat.

In a way, they become your editors and your spokespeople, your best PR assets. And what happens when you combine that approach with good SEO practices and a good product?

seo content writing services

SEO Content Writing Services – What You Get

At this stage, everyone should know that Google is a sucker for long-form content. Of course, that’s not the be-all-end-all of the discussion; everything from product pages to blurbs should be SEO optimized. But what do you get if you choose the right service? If an SEO writing crew has done their job right, what does success look like in measurable numbers?

  1. Have a business that is struggling to get off the ground? Writing SEO-optimized blogs has helped many of them increase their lead generation by 126% and over. Now that’s the type of success I’m talking ’bout!
  2. As far as creating new leads go, writing long-form web or social media content is only second to email marketing, another tactic that you should be paying plenty of attention to.
  3. It’s also… cheap. That means that you get increased lead generation, heightened interest, happy and engaged clients, and it’s 62% less expensive!

Moreover, 72% of marketers say that this type of content creation was key to their success. And this type of content marketing is much easier to deploy, create, and publish than say, a traditional advertising campaign. When it comes to success-for-less, it’s got no competition. You’ll achieve results, give people quality content, make your mark with clients, and generate usable leads, all the while increasing your popularity. Sounds like something you’d like to miss out on?

In Sum

Great SEO content writing services are a key part of any modern, up-to-date marketing strategy. These search engine and writing geniuses can:

  • Create content that understands you, your brand, and your audience in a personalized way.
  • Deliver it quickly, without fuss, and in a timeframe that would put most other marketing tactics to absolute shame.
  • Research your relevant market in order to provide the keywords and strategies that make sense for you.
  • Combine all their know-how into an attractive, neat package that reads like a best-seller.

But, not everyone’s got the goods, sadly. How many SEO writing websites read like something a door-to-door salesman would say? If that’s the type of attitude they’re bringing to the table, you can be sure that originality and quality are not very high on the list. As I said earlier, mediocrity may be better than an abject disaster, but it’s not very good when it comes to standing out from your competitors. But boring marketing content that’s as good as the guy next door’s is not what you should be after.