Bunny Studio Helps Translator Alejandra de la Torre Find Better Projects

Like many translators, Alejandra de la Torre attempted to find comfort and independence in the freelance life. While she always found immense joy in her work, her experiences with clients were not always sunshine and rainbows. Then, she found Bunny Studio.

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The Endless Hustle

This Madrid-based translator was giving it her all, but she found that the market wasn’t exactly brimming with stable, high-paying jobs, even for professionals with a proven track record.

As time went by, she found herself working on big projects that required her intense, passionate work ethic and professionalism. She translated books for big clients, as well as medical, scientific, and technical texts. This constant barrage of work included putting in time into her own writing, all while she worked a full-time job!

Finding good clients has always been an issue when freelancing and it was the hardest part of my work.

Finding a Great Partner

Finding Bunny Studio was a huge milestone for Alejandra, as they helped pair her with good clients that offered more financially rewarding, interesting projects. It would not have been possible for her to leave her prior job if she hadn’t found the stability and professionalism offered by Bunny Studio.

She said that finding good clients had always been the hardest part of being out on her own. The way the company facilitated this was by providing stable opportunities for accessing high-level, satisfying jobs that were tailored to her skills.

Another thing that made her feel she’d hit the jackpot was the team’s attitude towards freelancers. Everyone knows the client comes first, but that often comes at the expense of giving talented professionals their due. The constant positive feedback and appreciation are a cut above the competition.

Bunny Studio really appreciates the talent and efforts of the team members and all collaborators – they value and honestly care for the freelancers that collaborate in each project, making them feel appreciated.

Even Better Times Ahead

She sees Bunny Studio as an invaluable long-term partner in her future growth and success; by pairing her with more and better-paying work as her skills continue to grow, she feels increasingly motivated to give work her all and keep clients happy and satisfied.

As time passes, she continues living up to her already-stellar reputation for commitment and satisfaction. There’s little doubt that Alejandra and Bunny Studio are a great match, not only because of their relentless pursuit of excellence but also because of their distinctly human approach.

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