How Bunny Studio Upped Alejandro Lofig's Ante in the Voice Over Industry

Mighty as his voice might be, a decade of experience in voice acting and production was seemingly insufficient to get Alejandro Lofig on the gravy train. But things changed when his world collided with Bunny Studio! Here’s a reflection of his trials and tribulations, as well as his personal and professional growth.


June 2019



Approval Rate

122 projects


Spanish - Mexico

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Alejandro Was Chasing His Tail

Even before Alejandro and Bunny Studio met, the Puebla-based, deep-voiced talent had already starred as lead actor in four short films. Despite having years of expertise in his pocket, the sweepstakes were erratic, and the freelance voice artist struggled to earn his merit.


It wasn’t that he lacked in any way; it was merely that the audio industry was intensely saturated. Alejandro found that no matter how hard he worked, he was still at nip-and-tuck with other market talents. Opportunities knocked few and far between as he grappled with showcasing his versatility to an avid buyer’s market. The cutthroat landscape challenged the baritone-voiced artist’s esteem every day until he eventually chanced upon Bunny Studio Voice.

“Bunny Studio’s high-quality standards inspire me to become better at what I love to do. I’m pretty sure that the platform is created by passionate people who enjoy teamwork.”

What Bunny Studio Made Alejandro Realize

The delight was mutual as Bunny Studio gradually uncovered more of Alejandro’s voice talent. The voice Pro took on various projects in advertising, videos, automated phone systems, branding, and dubbing. Through these, he pondered on how he could become a more significant asset.


Alejandro soon saw a professional need to improve his audio cleaning and editing techniques, and he invested in some courses. He also spent considerable effort evolving his voice acting methodologies, experimenting with interpretations, tones, and pace. All these expanded his horizons both in proficiency and facets. Hours gradually became a precious commodity as Alejandro took on more projects. He soon learned how to juggle Voice Bunny’s expectations without compromising his personal life or other jobs.

“The Bunny Studio managers are awesome and made me feel right at home immediately. I love that I get to decide my fees and still get offered an assortment of opportunities to push my limits. I feel valued, and that, for me, is very important!”

The Voice Actor of Today & Tomorrow

Thirteen years in the biz, a fulfilled Alejandro works snugly from his well-equipped home studio. He records with a Shure KSM47 and a Sennheiser MK4, a DBX Mic Preamp/Processor, and a Yamaha audio interface in an acoustically treated sound booth. He then edits using Adobe Audition and a potent restoration and mastering set of plugins.


Alejandro delivers neutral Latin and Mexican-Spanish, and Latin-English. Whether it’s to educate, entertain, or announce, the voice actor has an extensive range that can interpret, translate, and convey emotions- be it thrills or chills, heartbreaking or heartwarming. He can also produce jingles but enjoys the show business the most. Fast-forward to the future; the voice guru is in for the long haul. He hopes that the platform will develop a mobile app so that he will never miss a moment with Bunny Studio!

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