How Bunny Studio Connected Amanda de Andrade to the World

Bunny Studio’s voice talent, Amanda de Andrade, is a queen of accents and dialects. We cover the story of how Bunny Studio bumped up her vocal career to the next lime-lit milestone.


June 2018



Approval Rate

97.3% (78 projects)


Portuguese - Brazil

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An Unsung Voice Artist with Big Ambitions

Amanda loved lending her voice to the world, and the world loved her right back! Drifting afloat in the vocal realm, the professional vocal whiz had bagged 3 years of full-time voice acting and 4 years as a sound engineer specializing in recording, editing, and post-production. But Amanda knew she deserved so much more. Albeit embraced by her clients for her cords, the gifted voice artist hit a halting plateau in her career. The main buzzkill? A constant struggle to monetize the value of her high-quality work.

Bunny Studio is always on the lookout to expand its elite talent pool. And there Amanda was! When invited to apply, Amanda carefully considered. She was impressed with Bunny Studio’s stringent quality control and felt like it was a form of support on which she could reputably ride on. She also liked the platform’s rapport with its voice talents and clients, its process of handling payments. Plus, there were no middle-man fees. Every inkling led Amanda to foresee possible success. It was due time to make some progress anyway! And so, she aimed to pass Bunny Studio’s application test with her best shot.

I knew that voice overs are an art and a precious product in the hands of my clients. But making known and monetizing the value of my works were the two strongholds I faced.

Hopping Onboard the Bunny Bandwagon

True to her goals, the ever-competent voice artist aced the test became a Bunny talent. But although Amanda had honed skills in audio-editing and voice recording, she was at the crossroads. What would the future bring with Bunny Studio? She knew that those alone weren’t enough to earn her success. This new chapter would be an expedition of challenging limits and discovering her potentials. And with determination, she brought to life scripts of different genres and characters with her unique voice.

Two words: addictively fulfilling. Amanda loves challenges and never backed down from one. Today, she continues to deliver her projects with perfection and poise.

I was aware that I was not a simple voice-recorder and text-reader anymore. I am now a dynamic voice artist.

How the Next Stage Looked Like

The love is mutual! Bunny Studio appreciates Amanda for her quick, precise, and committed deliveries. And in return, she feels supported and respected. Right up just her alley, Bunny Studio is also one of the most sold voice overs in Brazil and Portugal. The voice talent is thus excited for the prospect of work with bigger clients on a repeated and long-term basis.

The platform has expanded both Amanda’s horizons and the value of her work. The incoming volume of projects she is assigned allows her to practice the craft of tone and pitch. An artisan, she delivers her voice as a precious artform and a tribute to world culture.

Today, Amanda has graced many projects in the form of educational pieces, audiobooks, meditation, and podcasts. She’s also performed excellently in commercial spots, promotions, and ads.

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