How Ana Acero Became a Bunny Studio Animator

Worldwide bearer of creativity, Bunny Studio bumped right into Ana Acero, and a part of the team she became! We sat with the animation whiz and spoke to her about her dreams and ambitions with Bunny Studio Video.


April 2020



Approval Rate

95% (4 projects)

Areas of Expertise:

2D Animation

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The Bunny and the Tortoise

An ardent and qualified animator, Ana Acero has always built her life around the power of her creative imagination. But like often in the realm of freelancing, things got bumpy and slow. Ana realized that working independently came at a steep price. She had to be pliable, constantly molding, and bending herself to the demands of others. The dynamic designer found herself at the mercy of her clients and agencies. Every project things didn’t quite go perfectly. There was always an obstacle and stability was sorely lacking.

Her freelance career depended on a myriad of external factors, many of which could not be controlled. With hope for a positive change, she applied and became part of the Bunny Studio Voice.

Things were very different before I joined Bunny Studio. I was constantly dealing with change and my career depended on how the world revolved. My work life was swarming with challenges and difficulties.

Bunny Studio Simplifies Complication

Dealing with project hunting, invoicing, billing, and administration can be overwhelming for many freelancers. So much so that they lose their inspiration and focus on their craft and passion. When asked, if Bunny Studio has impacted her career, Ana relates that she finds the collaboration platform a breeze to work on. She greatly appreciates the Bunny’s organized communication and straightforward processes. Most of all, she appreciates the people.

Although her past experiences with other clients and agencies have left a bad taste in her mouth, the animator and video editor hopes that this time, it will be different. She optimistically believes that like everything in life, there’s always room for improvement. And that Bunny’s constant request for feedback is its sign of moving forward with both its clients and its talents.

Working on the Bunny Studio Video platform has been easy every step of the way. This is because of its perfectly designed workflow between Bunny Studio’s clients and collaborators.

Ana’s Magical Powers

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Cinema and Video studies, Ana exhibits compelling sorcery in animation, video production, motion graphics, video editing. The honed designer has 13 years of experience as a video editor and an animator. With Bunny Studio Video, she brings stories and ads to life through movement, color, and images.

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