Building Angela Dettori's Translation Portfolio With Bunny Studio

Traveler, intellectual, and linguist Angela Dettori transitioned from her full-time career in scientific research to becoming a professional translator. C’est la vie! Who would have thought that the contrasting switch in roles would bring such fulfillment? Here’s Angela’s story on how her mutual love for Bunny Studio became the central pillar of her translation career.

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Life Before Bunny Studio

Even before Bunny Studio found the polyglot, she had already stepped into the world of languages. Unlike many Pros who resorted to freelancing as a means of survival, Angela told a very different tale. The academic had a stable and full-time career in scientific research and was going places. Even though the job had always brought her satisfaction, a part of Angela always wondered where other paths would lead.


Intellect does present itself in many ways, and Angela has always been a linguist at heart. Having worked and lived abroad from a young age, languages came easily to her. She wondered if becoming a translator would be a viable option. Angela executed her transition with care, attaining all the necessary skills to transform herself into a professional translator. She was soon acquiring experience in the translation field. However, like all venturing freelancers, Angela struggled to make linear progress as work opportunities swung by erratically. Finding reliable clients who pay well was a tedious, arduous, and time-consuming process.

The biggest challenge during that period was finding reliable agency clients, that offered interesting projects, that paid fair rates and that were pleasurable to work with at the same time.

Traveling the World in Perfectly-Fitted Bunny Shoes

As fate crossed Angela’s path with Bunny Studio’s, the already professional translator sought to become a Pro. Angela recalls her pleasant surprise and her initial experiences on the platform. She liked how Bunny Studio promises to deliver high quality and perfection, no matter the project’s size.  She also appreciates the platform’s reasonable deadlines and competitive pay rates, and the steady flow of income. Her interaction with Bunny Studio project managers has been memorable, and Angela relishes being in a fun and affable work environment.

Fast-forward to today’s success, Angela recounts that Bunny Studio has nurtured her professional growth and supported her translation career. From a personal perspective, the adept linguists began not only to translate languages but also to live them. Working with Bunny Studio means working from anywhere in the world. Such empowered the avid traveler to indulge in her exploration endeavors around Europe. In fact, a 2020 report demonstrates that 84% of Bunny Studio Pros experience better work-life-balance compared to traditional employment. Even though Angela is now in Sardinia, Italy, she looks forward to continuing her globetrotting once the pandemic blows over.

I love the fact that there is a clear workflow where nothing is taken for granted. Every single detail is taken care of, and the size of the project really doesn’t matter. Even the shortest text will be processed and delivered with the utmost quality.

Above and Beyond Translation

Five years in today, the proficient linguist does more than just translation; she also edits, proofreads, and subtitles. While Italian is her native language, Angela can translate English, Spanish, and French to Italian. Her knowledge specialties include the Natural and Biological Sciences, and the Environment and the Tourism industry.

With an ever-growing number of clients, Angela suggests that Bunny Studio employs computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to fine-tune its deliverables’ consistency for the same clients.


The accomplished translator hopes that her collaboration with Bunny Studio will last and that she can keep contributing to its mutual growth.


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