Versatile Voice Actor, Asma Omary, Brings Something Unique to Bunny Studio

Before joining Bunny Studio, Asma Omary, a voice talent out of Cairo, gained a foothold in the industry. For her, working with a number of agencies wasn’t ideal. Bunny Studio has given her a community and support system which, to her, are key while building a career in voice overs.


December 2015



Approval Rate

93% (85 projects)



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How did Asma Omary’s career shift after joining Bunny Studio

Asma has been honing her voice craft for fourteen years. Although only working as an industry professional for the past eight years. Joining Bunny Studio gave her the networking possibilities and team support that she was missing while freelance job searching independently.

So, what changed for her when she found Bunny Studio? Actually, it was being rejected after her first audition for Bunny Studio that led to a significant shift. At the time, she hadn’t yet set up an in-home studio and recorded her first audition on her mobile phone.

Instead of being deflated and giving up, this rejection gave her the determination to build something better for herself. Asma decided to fully invest in her future and create an in-home studio. This decision was a game-changer, and she loves the financial and time-saving benefits. Not having to travel and work from someone else’s studio is priceless. It saves her money and time while allowing her to offer clients a much quicker turnaround on projects.

I found it difficult to join at first, as I didn’t have a personal studio at that time, and recorded my test from mobile phone and was refused. This encouraged me to work harder and bring my own devices so I can record at home, and not going to studios, and that improved my turn around time too in general.

Overcoming typical freelancer challenges led Asma Omary to Bunny Studio

Starting a freelance career in voice-over has its disadvantages. What Asma found in the early stages of her career was not dissimilar from other voice actors, writers, designers, or any other pros branching out on their own.

Often, leaving the consistency and security of being an employee to break out on your own is difficult. Networking, finding profitable work with established brands, and a lack of professional support are issues that can plague the self-employed. Finding Bunny Studio allowed Asma to reach a greater audience for her skills and more rapidly build upon her professional experience.

During the process of researching Bunny Studio, Asma was impressed with the work of other artists on the platform. She could see from their portfolios that there was a significant amount of opportunity to be had. And plenty of meaningful work to go around. Of course, she found that a team with a supporting cast of talented professionals is invaluable to growing her career.

I found it a great opportunity when I searched previous works for other artists, and found they worked on big projects, so I liked to be one of the team.

Asma is now one of the best Pros Bunny Studio has to offer in her language

As a member of Bunny Studio, Asma found an especially unique aspect beyond support. The quality of both the clients and the end product were greater than she had seen previously.

Her in-home studio allows her to take on more work. Work that she can easily access from a vast array of clients in one platform. Moreover, this ease of work has enabled her to build an impressive collection of work samples for prospective, quality clients to browse. Without a doubt, Asma is looking forward to a future that features the varied work and notable clientele that she has found with Bunny Studio.

Aside from voice overs, you can also find her working on English to Arabic translations and editing videos using Sony Vegas video editing software.

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