How Birgit Arnold Started A Voice-over Career With Bunny Studio

Birgit Arnold is a bilingual voice-over actor that works in both English and German languages. She is currently working as a freelancer for a number of voice-over companies. This, of course, includes Bunny Studio.


October 2014



Approval Rate

95.2% (238 completed projects)


German - Germany

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Starting out as a Voice Actress before Bunny Studio

As Birgit explains, she started working as a voice artist in 2012. It took her some time to establish herself. Voice-over acting is her priority, and she offers voice-overs in both English and German. With the German language, her specialty is, as she notes, Bavarian accent and singing. It is interesting that she also gets voice-over requests that are in English, but she has to voice-act as the language speakers are non-natives.

The key problem she had before joining Bunny Studio was the fact that she had very few references to present. To make the ends meet, she was also working as a financial accountant. On one hand, that helped her financially, but on the other, she had very little time to exercise and record her voice.

Bunny Studio gave me the chance to audition for jobs without having a lot of references. I was able to set my own prices and I also was able to decide, whether I wanted to do the job or not.

What Did working for Bunny Studio Do for Birgit Arnold

Working for Bunny Studio made it possible for her at any time that she wished or was possible. It could have been the evening or early morning. It did not matter, as long as she completed the job.

So what did working for Bunny Studio do for Birgit Arnold? As she explains, Bunny Studio helped her to get good jobs with well-known clients. She also notes that her cooperation with Bunny Studio was exemplary.

This gave me some flexibility. The only thing that counted was the quality of my casting. The assistance of Bunny Studio was always great. Each question was answered immediately.

Birgit built a long lasting relationship with Bunny Studio

Birgit Arnold continues her cooperation with Bunny Studio and she plans to continue it in the future. The key reason for that she finds in the fact that with Bunny Studio, she has a number of regular clients. This gives her a chance to secure a basic income from voice acting. This also gives her a chance to concentrate on other aspects of her job like marketing and acquisition.

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