Brett “Fish” Anderson Brings his Improv-inspired Out-Of-The-Box thinking and Creative Edge

Brett “Fish” Anderson has been a writer and an improvised comedy actor for over twenty years. We took some time to talk with him about his journey as a freelance writer with Bunny Studio. Here’s what he had to say.


October 2017



Approval Rate

100% (38 projects)


English - North America

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What Brought Brett “Fish” to Bunny Studio?

For the last eight years, Brett “Fish” Anderson has been largely involved in flexible part-time work. This gives him the time to get involved in some of the NGO work he values. It also frees up his time to commit to writing a lot more.

Prior to Bunny Studio, most of the writing Brett “Fish” had done was in a volunteer capacity.  He wrote for a number of local magazines and a few national publications. At a time when he was looking for some more steady income, he attended a public speaking seminar where a fellow attendee alerted him to Bunny Studio.

Brett registered the next day, was accepted, and has been enjoying a working relationship with them ever since. He has written on a variety of topics ranging from commercial storage spaces, Emmy award reporting, healthy body transformation, and even a mudslide fund-raising campaign.

Being part of an organization that values quality content and looks after its employees while allowing a certain amount of flexibility in terms of working hours is invaluable. This has really given me the opportunity to follow my passions and still help to cover the costs of the home.

How Bunny Studio Offered Brett the Balance between Personal and Professional Life

The demands of having a nine-to-five job often means that you have to sacrifice certain other opportunities. For Brett “Fish” who places a high value on being able to volunteer in the education sector, the move to be an active part of Bunny Studio meant that he didn’t have to choose.

With the tension between work that is fulfilling but doesn’t pay and needing to pay bills, Brett appreciated the opportunity that being part of the Bunny Studio family gave him in this regard. Being part of a team that valued his work started to add significance to the kind of work he was creating. A company that values the people they employ is far more easily able to create a balanced and harmonious relationship. Brett has really started to thrive working with Bunny Studio where he feels trusted and valued as a writer.

One of the reasons Brett was excited to be selected to work with Bunny Studio was the high entry-level requirement.

Knowing that Bunny Studio only accepts the top two percent of applicants means that their output will have a certain degree of reputation attached. Not only am I getting quality work for good money, but also I am able to build my own reputation in the industry.

Benefits of Bunny Studio

Working for an organization such as Bunny Studio has a number of perks. With the freedom to pick assignments, Brett is able to have as much or as little work as he wants at any given time. This is an important value for someone such as Brett who likes to have the flexibility of a freelancer to be able to have time to volunteer in his community. So indirectly, by giving him the chance to work to his own hours, Bunny Studio is contributing to that community-building as well.

With Bunny Studio, the requirements and deadlines are all clearly laid out and there is always the option to choose to accept work or not. This allows Bunny Studio members to take and complete projects without feeling overwhelmed, This allows the writers to be able to deliver excellent work consistently and the Studio has enough members to be able to stay ahead of the work on offer.

Living in Cape Town, South Africa, Brett has done a lot of work with different races and language groups and spends a lot of time trying to see things from different people’s perspectives. This really helps him to write with a diverse audience in mind which he has felt helpful.

Brett’s skill set is of great value to Bunny Studio, and we are happy to have him on our team.

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