A Visit with Voice Actor Camilo Perez as He Shares His Journey of Success

We took some time to talk with Camilo Perez about his journey as a voice artist. Here’s what he had to say.


June 2016



Approval Rate

96% (1,023 projects)


Spanish - Latin American

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What Brought Camilo Perez to Bunny Studio?

Prior to working with Bunny Studio, Camilo was an employee who worked six days a week. Managing his own time became a struggle as it does for many in this field. As many voice artists know, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in this area between searching for work, managing work, and always trying to increase their skill sets.

Many voice actors relish the freedom this career can offer, but many also get stuck in a place where that freedom is missing. And for Camilo, this was becoming a real issue.

When the demands overtake personal life, many voice actors will assess where they are and many make a change for the positive. If someone can do the work and manage their time, it is the perfect work for maintaining a strong family and personal life. It is a field where you can have both while finding professional fulfillment.

Camilo Perez knew that there was something better and more fulfilling for him than what he was doing. He decided to take a look and reach out to other opportunities for his skills in voice work. This search brought him to Bunny Studio.

Professionally I wanted to be independent, and work from home. And personally, being able to manage my time and enjoy a real quality time with my family

How Camilo Fulfills a Professional Life while also Fulfilling a Personal One

With Camilo’s experience in the field of voice work along with his professional and personal goals, he was a great candidate to work from home. He also has a home studio and the perfect space to separate work from home. Many work-from-home artists know the importance of a studio and how it can create that important separation in work and home. A balance needs to be set for professional productivity and home and family enjoyment. With Camilo’s home studio, experience, and time management, he is able to do this.

When an artist has the intrinsic drive and the capabilities to work independently, he can create a harmonious work and personal life. When a company values the people they work with, they can create a harmonious and balanced relationship. Camilo found this with Bunny Studio where he feels trusted and valued as an artist.

One reason he chose Bunny Studio and enjoys the work here is that there is that value. From the beginning, it was clear that Bunny Studio values their artists, knowing they are some of the best and most diligent in the field. Camilo was happy to become part of this community and share the value.

The trust generated by the platform, the business proposal, and especially because it values ​​the work I do, both monetary and personal

The Benefits of Bunny Studio

Not only does Bunny Studio value Camilo Perez as an artist, but also working here is straight forward and fulfilling for him. With the ease of choosing assignments, he can have as much or as little work as he wants. This, again, is important to any independent artist. Flexibility is key, and with Bunny Studio, deadlines, requirements, and style are all clearly laid out and artists always have the option to accept or not accept work. With a direct approach to assignments, the talent for Bunny Studio can complete projects without being overwhelmed. This allows each artist to deliver their best work on a consistent basis.

Bunny Studio offers assignments through contests, booking, and speedy projects.  With these different ways of gaining projects, artists can consistently enjoy challenging work. Another positive attribute that makes Bunny Studio a unique company is that there is no payment of membership. And Camilo appreciates this. Some other voice over companies expect their pros to pay to work for them. However, this is not so with Bunny Studio. Here, professionals are valued for their talent and paid well with no membership fees.

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