Chloe Cheng Dishes Out On What It Takes to Be a Pro Voice Artist

Veteran voice artists like Chloe Cheng has had her fair share of obstacles to get to where she is now, proving that being a voice artist in a highly-specialized career takes more than talent. With Bunny Studio, Chloe was able to have a fun and lucrative full-time job that aligns with her passion.
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October 2013



Approval Rate

89% (206 completed projects)


Chinese - Mandarin

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Cheng’s Hardships Before Joining Bunny Studio

Prior to joining Bunny Studio, Chloe Cheng’s career journey was filled with rejections – a fairly common thing in the industry despite having an amazing voice and incredible talent. Back then, she showcased her work in some freelance platforms in which she spent most of her days bidding for projects. Unfortunately, Chloe would end up being underpaid. This problem is a challenge many newbie and veteran voice actors are facing today.

When you dedicate countless hours of your time bidding for work with limited financial rewards, it can be detrimental to your drive to carry on. Thankfully, Chloe Cheng knows her worth and she found the perfect avenue where she can showcase her craft and be fairly rewarded for the work she does.

Before I started working with Bunny Studio, I offered my service for some freelance platforms. I had to bid for projects all the time with low rates to get a greater chance to win the bid.

Why Did Chloe Cheng Choose Bunny Studio?

There are thousands of studios and other avenues available that voice artists can showcase their work. But what makes Bunny Studio stand out? According to Chloe, the studio allows her to work on projects effectively.

The team is not only very easy to work with; they also ensure that voice over professionals get the pay they deserve. This is a major factor that many clients overlook. Just because companies are paying a huge sum does not mean that enough will be given to the voice artist and other talents. With Bunny Studio, this concern is not a problem.

Unlike an agency or a freelancer platform, Bunny Studio operates more like a production studio that works closely both pros and clients

Chloe Cheng Caters Clients Through Bunny Studio

Her LA location opens up a lot of opportunities to lend her voice to many companies. Bunny Studio also allows major brand names to access her unique talent wherever in the world they are located.

Despite being thousands of miles away from most of her clients, Chloe Cheng understands what is expected of her and always submits quality content.

Chloe uses the Bunny Studio platform to help develop her skills. In addition to the variety of work offered at Bunny Studio, the rating system allows her to incorporate client feedback into her work. This benefit has been crucial for Chloe’s career development.

Chloe Cheng’s journey proves that finding the right production where you perfectly fit will make way for hassle-free transactions. This will ultimately let you grow better as a professional and allow you to become more competitive on a global scale.

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