Craig Voelker and His Success with Bunny Studio

This Indiana based voice over artist has 20 years of experience in voice acting. Before Bunny Studio, he was struggling to scale his voice over career to the extent he wanted. With Bunny Studio, he has been able to grow while focusing on doing what he loves the most: voice overs.


December 2012



Approval Rate

97% (1,126 Projects)


English - North America

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How Craig Alan Found Success with Bunny Studio as a Voice Artist

With over 20 years of experience in the voice over field, Craig certainly has seen the pros and cons of finding work in different places. Anyone who works as a freelance artist knows the struggles that this can bring. Often artists have all the talent, but there is the marketing component to track down and secure the work that can take a toll on productivity.

As Craig found work with production companies, he also found that the growth rate was quite slow. He saw this growth limited by the size of the sales forces within the companies. Many talented freelancers become frustrated by this as they know have the skills and are willing to work, but the work can often come to a standstill. For people with talent like Craig’s, they want to focus on their work and talent, not the marketing end of voice over. They also want to be in a place where their talent can thrive, not be stuck in a slow-growth market.

The growth was slow to nearly nonexistent with the production companies. Unless I spent many hours contacting companies I wouldn’t be able to grow.

Getting Started and Finding a Successful Home with Bunny Studio

When Craig Voelker heard from Bunny Studio, he was intrigued by our concept and decided to submit a demo. He recalls the process being simple, and he could use a demo he already had on hand. Again, this is that part many professionals value – the simplicity and ease of auditions.

Artists enjoy focusing on the work itself. The time it takes to market, create demos, and seek out new venues for work can be cumbersome and time-consuming. This all takes away from the artistry of voice over and committing to the work itself. Bunny Studio makes it easy to audition and submit work. This was very appealing to him. He values the fact that artists can use dry “voice only” auditions rather than needing to have a “produced” demo and thinks of this as a unique, positive feature.

Another great feature of Bunny Studio is there is no fee to join. Not only does this add value to the voice over artist, but it makes the company more credible as a partnership. All of these features of Bunny Studio together made it a desirable place for Craig to be.

Once he was accepted as a voice talent, Craig Voelker began to see more work come his way.

Bunny Studio attracts clients from all over the world. The growth potential is very good. I was being considered by many new clients I would have never made contact with otherwise.

Working as a Voice Artist at Bunny Studio

Craig has found that the work is plentiful at Bunny Studio. He can focus on his talent now instead of his marketing endeavors. The amount of client traffic is much greater here than at the past production companies he worked with. He now has potential clients from all over the world listening to his demos.

This is a voice over artist’s dream. He sees a great deal of growth potential here and relishes in the fact that he does not have to take the time to market himself to clients. Bunny Studio’s strong sales team does that work, as it’s what they do best and he can do what he does best – voice over work.

From Craig’s perspective, Bunny Studio knows what they’re doing and has a strong commitment to success while being a key player in the field.

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