Cristian Castillo’s Journey to Bunny Studio and the Design Home He Found With Us

Cristian Castillo is a dedicated designer, and fortunately for us, he found his home at Bunny Studio. Here, he can challenge himself while committing to be the talented professional he is. Join us as we share his story.


April 2020



Approval Rate

97% (5 projects)

Areas of Expertise:

Character Design Motion Graphics Design 2D Animation

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It’s Never Time to Stop Growing

With a high internal drive, Cristian strives to always challenge himself in the field of design. Before he found Bunny Studio, he was sometimes having trouble finding clients. It was also difficult to showcase his work in an international capacity. But with his talent and drive, this was something he wanted to do. He knew that he had a lot to offer, and he wanted to be somewhere where he would have the opportunity to keep growing and continue to challenge himself professionally.

Cristian knows he is in a competitive field, and he knows that you must continue to grow to be successful. With his dedication and strive for outstanding results, plus his positive attitude, Crisitan sought the support to be the best he could be. He found this here at Bunny Studio, a place where we never want our pros to stop growing.

The main professional challenges were to be able to get clients and to show my work internationally. Personally, it was to challenge myself with my capacities and venture into new projects.

Cristian found an organized space at Bunny Studio

Cristian knew that he needed more than what he was getting prior to Bunny Studio, so he began to talk to friends and colleagues. Having many close friends who work in Bunny Studio, they shared their stories of success and gave him excellent recommendations. Cristian knew it was worth looking into. After becoming a Bunny Pro, he saw that it was easier to connect with new clients and projects.

He feels assured that Bunny Studio is going to help him to be an even better professional, not only because of the experience, but also by presenting challenges in every project and piece of work that leads to make him an even better design professional. No talented professional wants to stagnate, and Bunny Studio will do everything to not let this happen. Cristian sees the opportunities along with a strong support network offered here.
Freelancers often feel isolated and on their own, but here at Bunny Studio, we can offer them challenges and opportunities to keep honing their skills. We know we have the best, and we are invested in helping them be their best.

I think what makes Bunny Studio unique is the good, personal relations between the members regardless of borders.

Bunny Studio can help you grow too

With seven years of experience as a designer, Cristian knows what he is doing. He describes his work as creative, open to exploration of new techniques, and always finding the best solutions for every project. He is willing to adapt to make a project successful and meet everyone’s aspirations. If you’d like to know more about how he can help you on your project, let us know.

Cristian’s story shares that our Pros are happy and thriving here. They continue to grow and are surrounded by positive support. Here, freelancers are never alone.
We are thrilled to have Cristian with us, and if you’re someone who’s looking for a place to thrive and be your very best professional self, Bunny Studio could be the home you’ve been looking for, too. We’d love to chat with you.

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