Daniel Matiz Finds Freelance Success With Bunny Studio

Daniel Matiz has been around the block a few times when it comes to music and audio production. But, as any freelancer can tell you, the music industry is fraught with ups and downs that don’t make for the most stable of working environments.


October 2019



Approval Rate

100% (200 projects)

Areas of Expertise:

Mixing and editing 3D Audio

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Introducing Daniel

Daniel has been a music and audio producer for six years. He first started his journey by working with well-known companies in his native Colombia, where he quickly made a name for himself. He performed various tasks related to being a music analyst, producer, and production coordinator.

Knowing about the perks of being a freelancer, he also supplemented his income with as much freelance work as he could get his hands on. As anyone who’s worked on their own can attest, independent work has its own cycles of feast or famine. Finding constant, quality work can be a challenge to even the most well-prepared, consummate professionals.

That’s when, after hearing about other pro’s great experiences, Daniel decided to try Bunny Studio himself.

It is difficult to find a steady job in the music industry so a company that has a steady flow of projects is a haven for an artist.

His Time with Bunny Studio

Daniel offers a very honest Bunny Studio review. He says that he’s learned about a varied array of skills that have supplemented his talents as an audio expert. When he started out, he wasn’t especially knowledgeable about the voice-over industry, marketing strategies, or even 3D Audio. But, owing to the varied nature and scope of the projects, he’s learning, growing, and adapting at a rapid pace.

He also speaks highly of the more stable influx of work compared to competitors, as well as the unique, relaxed nature of the work environment. He happily shares his review on this, as well as the fast turnover times that give Bunny Studio a competitive edge.

The ever-changing projects and tight deadlines force professionals to bring their A-game and adjust to changing demands every day. That brings another dimension to the excellent working environment in Bunny Studio.

Daniel also highlights the attentive staff that’s always eager to shed light on any questions or hiccups that might arise during the workflow.

Bunny Studio has a very particular workflow, it’s something I haven’t seen before and it makes it a very interesting place to work with, also, the fast delivery times and low rates make them a top competitor on the industry from my point of view.

Life as a Bunny Pro in the Future

Daniel closes out his Bunny Studio review with positive thoughts about the future. With no doubt that the company will continue to offer its no-frills, friendly service that benefits both clients and freelancers, he can focus on continuing to deliver the quality work he’s known for.

He also seems very happy at how the staff at the Studio are always open to incorporating suggestions and making the workflow easier. He looks ahead to a bright future where things will no doubt continue to get even better for everyone involved, with more and even better professional challenges.

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