Edwin Martell Lets You in On What It’s Like Working as A Translator

Edwin Martell has long been an in-demand translator. While his job may seem simple, it’s a career that not many people understand. Generally, a translator only translates into his native language since it’s mostly their strongest one. However, Edwin translates not just one, but three languages.

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The Need for A Reliable Avenue

You might expect someone to have the same skill level as Edwin to be loaded with clients the moment he entered the industry. Unfortunately, the field is extremely competitive, and he admits to having a hard time finding a steady workflow initially. Because of this, he mostly spent his days reaching out to potential clients.

That’s the deal for freelancers – most of your time is spent networking. This method is the only effective way to get a continuous stream of work.

Unpredictability in working schedules is a significant challenge of working as a freelancer. But having worked on his own, and with many clients and agencies from all over the world, Edwin is certain that he hasn’t found anything more reliable than Bunny Studio.


I have built a stronger self-image, professionally, your projects put my skills to the test from time to time, and it’s amazing

Edwin’s Versatility

Like most translators, Edwin also specializes in various fields that include financial, legal, migration, medical, and marketing documents. As an expert in many fields, Edwin’s versatility is his ace. This allows him to hone in on specific subjects that not many translators can pull off.

When it comes to any language career, specialization is important since it allows professionals to broaden their knowledge. There is truly a lot to know about all given subjects, and no translator can master all knowledge to translate all document types within a reasonable period.

Edwin’s specializations allow him to deliver outputs rapidly and promote his special skills beyond his local market. Carving out niches inspires Edwin’s clients to turn to him again and again as their favorite “go-to” translator. This also benefits him since he gets to work on jobs that he likes.

I have built a stronger self image, professionally, your projects put my skills to a test from time to time and it’s amazing.

Why Bunny Studio?

Having an interesting language and niche combination is essential to shine in the translation industry. However, that’s not everything you need. Becoming a part of a group that boasts dedicated staff and systematized processes also make a huge difference. When you receive important support from experts, you can focus more on doing what you love.

Bunny Studio is a favorite among translators because they actively make an effort to get better by asking professionals areas to improve on, and ensuring that they get paid well.

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