Emiliano Pardo Breaks Free of Limitations to Start a Prolific Freelance Career

Emiliano’s always been a restless, boundlessly creative spirit, so there’s no way he was going to sit through life. Today, he tells us the story of how he grabbed the bull by the horns, became a prolific freelance writer, and managed to keep his laptop from getting sandy on the beaches of Maui. All thanks to Bunny Studio.


October 2018



Approval Rate

80% (14 projects)


English - North America

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It All Has to Start Somewhere

Emiliano always knew he was on to something when he started studying English. He was an upbeat, loquacious kid with a penchant for eating up information like nobody’s business. He soon found out that he was linguistically-gifted as he started supplementing those boring RP (Received Pronunciation) English lessons with every morsel of pop culture he could get his mitts on. As his father’s job required him to travel frequently, he was able to experience diverse cultures and take his English out for a spin. It didn’t take him long to make his first solo foray into the world by winning the chance to go on a language exchange program in NY at 16.

But, language success didn’t translate into a love for the rat race. With a notorious rebelliousness for stifling corporate culture, he bounced around jobs like a white-collar handyman. Bilingual telemarketing, translation agencies, interpreting, desk jobs at trade unions, and even entrepreneurship were not where he felt at home.

I’ve always written, and thought of myself as a writer first and foremost. While personal, creative writing was my lifeblood. I was trying to break into the freelance market to have a greater say into what I worked on and found that hard in the Argentinian milieu. It ain’t exactly a progressive job market over there.

When the Levee Broke

Emiliano found that work-for-home was the only sane alternative for a happy work/life balance. His previous full-time bilingual position was fully remote, drawing on his writing skills for marketing, B2B, service writing, and customer care. But, it wasn’t his own thing, and that weighed on him.

He soon grew discouraged with what he saw as the same dead-end: the dreaded content mill, where creativity goes to die and it’s off to the rate race. He started taking odd jobs in freelancing platforms where everybody’s promising the moon for five bucks. He sighed, resigned. But one day, his previous employers set him on the task of finding a good voiceover professional to record an IVR. They pointed him towards Bunny Studio.

He immediately set upon completing the admission process, even as he was finding out how the platform worked by hiring a voice actor for his employers.

It’s not every day you get to know a platform on both the client and the pro sides. But he was blown away by the transparency, professionalism, and great rates.

It didn’t take long for Bunny jobs to start picking up.

I’ve been able to organize my life so well. In my sixteen years of experience as a writer and translator, I’ve never been able to get more work that suits my talents than with the Bunnies. They’re also super personable and amicable. I’ve never felt like I was addressing anything other than a colleague who was thrilled to be working with me.

Life as a Bunny Pro

When he was asked about life at the Bunny trenches, Emiliano couldn’t have been happier. He says that he feels like he’s found a home. The greatest draw, for him, is about the humanistic culture behind the company. He says that by being run by a team of passionate, distributed young professionals, they can really empathize with people with the same mindset. It’s about results and respect, not about how who can wear a tie better. He’s also been consistently challenged by work with Bunny Studio.

He hopes to keep improving his quirky, creative writing style, always striving to make it flow even better. While he already has experience in business, marketing, B2B, service, and social media writing, he endeavors to devote more time to projects about his passions: creativity, stories, art, video games, and music.

He’s also enjoying the freelance lifestyle by living in a truly distributed way; while he is based in his home Buenos Aires, he constantly travels the world, availing himself of the pleasures of surfing and island living in Maui, Hawaii, or skateboarding around the capitals of Europe and Asia. As long as he’s got his trusty gaming laptop with him and the beach’s not too windy, he’s golden.

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