How Emiliano Rincón Powered his Audio Ventures

When it comes to the alpha and omega of post-production, no one has a keener ear than Emiliano Rincon. The professional audiophile had big ambitions and is blazing a trail in the audio industry. We spoke to Emiliano to find out how Bunny Studio fueled his aspirations professionally and personally.


November 2017

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Areas of Expertise:

Audio Editing and Post-Production



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Already: A Sound Studio Pro

With a university degree in Music and Sound Engineering, Emiliano had all the robust makings of a producer. Audio production, composition, recording, mixing, and mastering were all a piece of cake to the Colombian talent. But it wasn’t just technique or theory that made him the en plus ultra of audio; Emiliano’s lust for entrepreneurship coupled with a passion for music spurred him to venture out independently.

Emiliano’s established companies collaborated with numerous renowned artists such as Jowell & Randy, Joey Montana, Lalo Ebratt, Yera Music, and Xantos, Yerri Di in the entertainment industry. But however successful it may have been, start-ups require considerable and consistent investments in time and money before reaping any returns. So when the pandemic hit, Emiliano took the rough with the smooth. Persevering in his endeavors, he saw a need to make ends meet by taking up more work-from-home projects. He needed to continue supporting both himself and his business financially to pursue his life goals. That’s when he joined the Bunny Studio community of Pros as a post-production engineer and hasn’t looked back since.

“What makes Bunny Studio unique is that it connects the world of audio commercials, voiceovers, jingles, audio for videos with talents on a single platform. In times of the pandemic, Bunny Studios enabled me to continue accruing experience in my professional field. It also gave me the financial support I needed to carry on reaching for my future goals.”

Now: A Bunny Studio Pro

Emiliano fit right into the Bunny Studio’s quality content production team with an all-ready home studio and six years of experience. All Emiliano had to do, really, was keep doing what he was doing! During 2020’s greatest economic downturn since the great depression, the sound engineer was able to hold out with the receipt of project opportunities through the platform. He greased his skills-gears as he continued working on the post-production of jingles, radio spots, videos, voice overs, and ads. Never one who just hit the high spots, attention to detail, and high-quality deliverables made the sound engineer a great Pro.

Emiliano recounts that job opportunities from Bunny Studio pay well and enable him to keep both his brainchild companies thriving. One is a professional recording studio, while the other, an innovative web-based playlist platform that serves commercial establishments. Being a freelancing Pro gave him the flexibility and freedom to manage his own time and personal projects. In no time, Emiliano soon found himself excelling on all fronts of his career path, and at the same time, diversifying his existing portfolio.

“I chose Bunny Studio because it’s the best platform for freelance work I know. The jobs are well paid and I’m very good at post production, editing, mixing and audio mastering. Thus, the jobs that Bunny Studio offers me can be done with excellent quality and efficiency.”

Working from Home Professionally

Whether it’s post-production, editing, mixing, or audio mastering, the sound engineer uses state-of-the-art professional equipment. His home studio comprises a Mac system, Rokit 8 monitors, Bose Soundlink headphones, PreSonus Sentral Station for monitoring, a Universal Audio twin 710 preamplifier, and a Neumann TLM 103 microphone. The audio expert then balances, cleans and edits with the Pro Tools 10 and Ableton Live 10 software.

Besides presently working on post-production and audio editing projects, Emiliano is also great in video sound design. Since audio post-production, 3D audio, and Podcast editing are relatively new services on Bunny Studio, the audio whiz hopes that project distribution to Pros will increase as he plans to stick around for the long haul.

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