How Heather Legg Found a Home at Bunny Studio

Writer Heather Legg sat down to talk with us about her journey as a writer and how she found a professional home at Bunny Studio. A writer’s path can be full of challenges and forks in the road, but when Heather stumbled upon Bunny Studio, she knew this was a place for her. So pour yourself another cup of coffee, and take a look at Heather’s Bunny Studio review.


January 2019



Approval Rate

83% (54 projects)


English - North America

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Heather’s writing life before Bunny Studio

Heather Legg has always loved writing and is happy to write just about anything. With a background in Journalism and Literature, she finds as much joy in the research as the writing process itself. For years, she has been a freelance writer and enjoys the flexibility this profession offers. As a freelancer, she is able to set her own hours and amount of work she takes on.

However, as it is with many freelancers, the right work can be difficult to find. She would find that some companies offered very little consistent work and often the pay was low.

Heather valued the flexibility of being a freelance writer as it fit her family and home schedule. But she was also looking for a sense of fulfillment and value, knowing her skills were put to use and she wanted to work on some worthwhile projects.

Prior to Bunny Studio, I continually searched for that perfect writing gig. I had some good ones, but they offered little choice in articles and projects and I’d have to wait to be assigned work. Fortunately, I love researching and writing on just about anything, but sometimes the topics would get a little mundane or repetitive, or there just wasn’t enough work.

Discovering Bunny Studio and Becoming a Bunny Pro

Wondering if she would continue with content writing companies or perhaps venture into a new direction, Heather took a look around to see what she could find. That’s when she found Bunny Studio, and she let out a big sigh of relief.

Unlike other companies, Bunny Studio clearly values their pros. In Heather’s opinion, that’s huge and not easy to come by. Bunny Studio also offers a unique process for choosing assignments. The pros have input and can pick what they are interested in and have time for. They aren’t just handed work with set prices and deadlines. Everything about Bunny Studio is clear.

I heard about Bunny Studio and was immediately captivated by the branding. I loved everything about it, the application process, even the bunny, the ease of communication, and the way to choose assignments. It’s the best place I’ve written for and I hope to have a long career here.

How Bunny Studio is Helping Heather Legg Fulfill Her Professional Potential

Heather Legg has over 15 years of writing experience in different capacities. She loves content writing because she enjoys learning about different topics. Each assignment is different and there’s always something new to look forward to.

When asked to describe her writing style, Heather tells us that she has a succinct, genuine style and knows the value of each word. With this type of work, she loves the varied topics she gets to write about. Over the years she has covered numerous topics but probably has the most experience in health and wellness, addiction and recovery, and education. She’s worked on projects covering the latest trends and podcasting.

As far as future goals, Heather sees Bunny Studio right there with her as she grows as a professional.

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