Ignacio Sedano Describes his Freelance Journey with Bunny Studio

Ignacio Sedano solved his freelancing issues when he found Bunny Studio. The online hub has been essential in allowing him to write more and worry less. We talk to him about his journey in writing and more.


September 2018



Approval Rate

90% (41 projects)


English - North America

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No Easy Day for a Freelancer

Ignacio was freelancing, providing translation and copy for the legal industry in Bogotá, Colombia. Before long, however, the major problems of the freelancing life manifested themselves in full: acquiring clients, maintaining a steady flow of work, receiving timely payments.

Ignacio felt the need to shake things up. The strategy was twofold: maintain and expand his list of clients, but also explore online possibilities.

The greatest battle as a freelancer is achieving a constant stream of clients. You have to operate as a small business and spend the vast majority of your energy on acquiring and developing leads.

The Bunny Studio Way

Several things attracted Ignacio to Bunny Studio. For one, Bunny Studio accepts applicants from all around the world. Ignacio also loved the fact that entrance to the platform was based exclusively on writing ability.

Ignacio took the chance and applied. The first application was writing a long article about ‘The highs and lows of launching a startup company’. It was rejected. The main note was that the article was good and the writing on point, but that it had taken too large an overview on the topic of startups and neglected to concentrate on the ‘highs and lows’ of launching one. The observation seemed fair.

Although discouraged, the very precise notes given by Bunny Studio prompted him to keep going. The writing was fine; it seemed it was now a matter of carefully staying on message throughout the piece. Ignacio asked for a second application test. This time, he was successful and he was accepted into the select Bunny Studio roster of writers.

Some online platforms rebuff writers because of the country they are based in. The preconception may be that they can’t possibly write at the highest levels of competency because English is their second language. Bunny Studio is all about what’s on the page. That was extremely refreshing.

A Fresh Start

Work in Bunny Studio includes ‘Speedies’, ‘Contests’ and ‘Bookings’. Moreover, experienced Bunny Pro’s may be approached by Bunny Studio staff to create longer and more complex work.

Ignacio feels the platform is extraordinary. His only recommendation is to make the interface that the writer works with when delivering projects more layered, so to speak. Sometimes a writer wishes to leave some notes to the client, for instance, or wants to mark/highlight specific things in the text. A more detailed interface could perhaps allow for all the little things that a writer feels compelled to do, to provide first-rate work.

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