How Jairo Pineda Found Not Only His Home at Bunny Studio, But Also His Value

We at Bunny Studio were lucky enough to sit down with freelancer Jairo Pineda to hear about his journey to and within Bunny Studio. He is one of our talented audio producer pros, and we are so fortunate to have him share his talents with us. Pour yourself a drink and join us, as we learn more about Jairo.


March 2019



Approval Rate

100% (1,500 projects)

Areas of Expertise:

Mixing and editing 3D Audio

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Finding the value he deserves

As a music producer with nine years of experience in the field, he tells us, one of his professional challenges is that he found the work he does often got overlooked. It’s tough being in a career where you don’t find that value. It can be disheartening and difficult at times. However, once Jairo found Bunny Studio, that began to change.

Bunny Studio is known for its compassionate work space and the value placed on creatives and pros here. Jairo saw that, too, and he tells us of the safe space he found here, “where opportunities arise, where creative work is valued.” He consistently exceeds client’s expectations and holds himself to the same high standards that Bunny Studio does.

This has allowed me to challenge myself to work better every time and be a strong advocate for their platform with my colleagues and industry friends.

The perfect balance between life and work

To Jairo, Bunny Studio creates an invaluable opportunity for creative pros to connect with clients and sell their skills, while keeping the bar really high: only the best work here. He’s right, for sure. This becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved, the client, the pro, and yes, Bunny Studio.

Freelancers and creatives thrive on working on their own schedules. At Bunny Studio, the pros have the opportunity to work with people all around the world in a multicultural environment. The best of both worlds have come together for Jairo.

Being a freelancer or a creative, can certainly above its ups and downs. Work can get overwhelming and difficult to manage, or else it can run sparse and cause concern. But Bunny Studio showcases a different story. Here, we provide great opportunities where creatives, like Jairo, can shine and thrive. Bunny Studio chooses the top creatives in the field and treats them with respect and value, helping them grow and reach new goals and potential.

Bunny Studio enables me to collaborate, grow and participate in projects that have a global impact from the confines of my own studio.

Find your home here, too

When pros like Jairo can work on their own schedule on creative projects, they find fulfillment and each project helps them grow more. And each pro makes us better, too. We are lucky to have Jairo here.

If you’re someone who’s looking for that value along with a professional home where you can thrive, reach out to us at Bunny Studio. We may be that home you’re looking for.

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