Transitioning to Freelance Life Made Easy

When most writers tell people what they do, they get mixed reactions. Usually, there is a long pause. Many think that this profession is an easy way to make money, but it cannot sustain a comfortable lifestyle. Well, James Young can refute this. Writing is not new to him. Having worked in the industry for 25 years, he is proof that working in line with your passion is not only fun but also sustainable.


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Challenges of Freelance Writing

People who think a writer’s life is free of hardships are gravely mistaken. They believe writers simply create ideas out of thin air as they smoke a ridiculously expensive cigar. Newsflash: this is far from reality. But James Young’s Bunny Studio Review gives solutions.

The truth is, not a lot of writers can make a full time living from their passion. And those who do face the harsh realities that come with the industry.

This profession is far from being a walk in the park. Despite his accolades, including an MBA and two decades’ worth of university teaching experience, James, like all content writers, has experienced clients suddenly disappearing even after years of collaboration. This presents a new issue since there is never any guarantee of payment from new clients.

This hurdle is not new. And coupled with saturated markets, it’s hard for writers to stand out. Even the most persistent and talented professionals still deal with rejection. In fact, all writers who still haven’t gotten a taste of this bitter parcel are probably still unpublished.

Ultimately, I chose Bunny Studio because of the people. Being a part of a wonderful team made joining an extremely easy decision. And working with the staff at Bunny Studio has continued to be a wonderful experience

Transitioning to Freelance

Fortunately, Bunny Studio saw James’s unique position to produce complex content in an easily understood manner. Having written for just about every niche imaginable, he has perfected what many writers only dream of – the ability to adapt the appropriate tone for any audience.

Perhaps the biggest motivation of James to pursue freelance work is his personal life. His recent marriage inspired him to transition away from being a university professor to a more digital nomad lifestyle.

His successful career has allowed him to spend time with his family in Canada and the Philippines. He also works as an associate professor at a top university in South Korea for a few months each year.

I have thoroughly enjoyed preparing content for the Bunny Studio brand. The assignments are always interesting, plus I love the community we’ve built together.

How James Young’s Bunny Studio Review Can Help Writers

Not surprisingly, many talented writers want to achieve the same independence as James. But transitioning from a regular 9-to-5 job filled with sleepless nights to a more rewarding career can be challenging. This is why James recommends writers to pursue avenues that would lead to a reliable stream of income. But more than that, he believes that writers need to look for opportunities that provide a healthy working relationship.

Bunny Studio has helped James in more ways than one. It taught him how to work with new platforms as he takes on a wide variety of assignments. With his level of experience, you’d expect him to get bored with his assignments. It may even be tempting to think he can deliver quality output with little effort.

Of course, Bunny Studios expect the writers under their wing to give them nothing short of the best. Showing respect and value is also an important part of the job.

If you want to tap into this massive market, start getting busy now. It may take long hours and tons of horrible pay before you become established, but you can make it. Let Bunny Studio and James Young’s Bunny Studio Review help you.

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