Jonathan Enns Shares His Story With Bunny Studio

Jonathan Enns is one of the many international freelance voice artist who picked Bunny Studio as one of his job options. The start of his voice-acting career was bumpy, but he obviously managed to establish his name in the voice-over circles. Here is how he went from paying for demos to working for big corporate names.


November 2016



Approval Rate

97% (164 projects)


German - Germany

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Choosing Bunny Studio

When he started out, like many other newcomers, he got the “newbie” treatment. He was in search of new clients to build rapport, but it was very complicated. He faced walls all the time from clients asking him for personalized demos and auditions for free that, more often than not, didn’t result in working opportunities.

He tried various platforms, but as a newcomer, it was hard for him to pay the subscriptions they required for him to start working. In order to pay for their fees, he had to work, but he wasn’t getting the work he needed to be able to afford those. It was a loop that didn’t seem very profitable and resulted to be very discouraging. So he decided to also contact Bunny Studio. The two things that attracted him was, as he puts it, the company’s professional look and system. The key thing that the company helped him with was the fact that the ratio between custom demos is very high.

I was very new in the business and searching for possibilities to audition for free, which was not easy. I recorded a lot of custom demos. But instead of getting paid for them, I had to pay an annual fee.

What makes him love Bunny Studio

In contrast to his initial experiences, Bunny Studio was paying him for custom demos. This helped him get experience while also being compensated for his work. Jonathan also shares he’s very satisfied with the constant feedback he gets from the support service. If any of his recordings contain a mistake or a technical problem, he gets detailed feedback from Bunny Studio. He points out that, over time, this helped him further improve his skills.

They pay for custom demos. Most of the time only three custom demos are accepted for a project. So the chances are higher.

His experience, studio, and techniques

As Jonathan further explains, he has seven years of experience working as a voice-over artist. The fact that he has started to work with Bunny Studio is a factor that helped him gain the necessary experience. Also, to get some big-name clients.

He describes his voice as “fresh and lively” and covers mostly the middle-aged (35-54) and young adult (18-35) voices. He often gets job offers to record texts in English with a German accent and German texts with a Russian and French accent.

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