How Bunny Studio Revived Juan Madiedo's Production Career

An unrelenting 2020 dents the film industry, and Juan Madiedo was just one of the countless freelancers who lost long-term contract jobs. The talented motion graphics animator found himself jumping through hoops and stumbling over endless hurdles to make ends meet. Here’s how Bunny Studio helped Juan weather rough seas and eventually flourish.


June 2020

Approval Rate

100% (17 projects)

Areas of Expertise:

Video Editing, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics



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An Agonising Year of Mayhem

Without a doubt, the pandemic has wreaked havoc upon everyone, some more than others. Even the ever-experienced Juan Madiedo, a freelancer in the television industry with more than 50 programs on his portfolio, found himself defeated and misplaced. The global cinema industry estimates a loss of approximately $32 billion in 2020, a colossal amount when translated to the livelihood of jobs. No long-term agreement could hold its stake during these trying times, and Juan lost a bulk of his income.

Although far from a rookie in the field, the Bogotá, Colombia-based creative animator fought with sticks and stones in a dog-eat-dog situation. He met one roadblock after another while contending fiercely for projects. Even though he won over some big companies’ project opportunities, he found his them diminished at any mention of payment. To make matters worse, the projects he did deliver on took months to foot their invoice. Bills snowballed to a point where Juan eventually relinquished his apartment home and moved back in with his parents.

“Before I started to work with Bunny Studio, it was rough. The film industry in Colombia had collapsed with the pandemic. That left me in the run with very experienced professionals in animation and motion graphics. As a freelancer, I was having trouble making ends meet.”

Getting Paid for His Dues, Finally!

No matter how hard Juan worked, his returns did not seem to match his efforts. Juan even tried working with other well-known freelancing platforms. He finds himself being ranked in line by the amount he charges rather than his skills or capabilities. Indignant and crushed that his immense industrial experience amounts to nothing, he eventually applies and becomes a Bunny Studio Pro!

Juan recounted that things changed on the get-go with Bunny Studio. The freelancer appreciates getting paid fairly and on time, but most significantly, it was the opportunities to collaborate with global professionals that wowed him. Such allowed the tech-savvy animator to deepen and expand his understanding of the production process. Juan also relates that his Bunny Studio experience has been unique because he knows that the platform respects and recognizes his talent.

“Bunny Studio offers me well-paying projects that eventually helped in paying my bills! I also love the way the project management team recognizes when we do a good job. It’s nearly impossible to find this elsewhere. It helps me to know that I’m on the right track and fuels me to improve my skills further.”

Progressively Forging New Aspirations

With some stability in income now, Juan is relieved and inspired to do more of what he loves. Even though a vast portion of his experience lies with video editing, production, and logistics in the film and television industry, the avid animator plans to specialize in motion graphics and 2D animation.

He remarks that the continuous opportunities Bunny Studio has presented him with have helped him to hone and develop new skills. Such is to the extent that he now finds his current achievements far exceeding his initial profile portfolio a year ago. As such, Juan hopes that the platform will agilely reflect his latest creative abilities by showcasing his now-best works.

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