Julian Franco Makes New Strides in a Timeless Job with the Bunny Studio

Julian Franco translates his love for film into video editing. We sat down with him and asked how Bunny Studio has helped him to not just make a living, but ensure he’s constantly challenged to sharpen his skills to create compulsively watchable content.


April 2020



Approval Rate

100% (7 projects)

Areas of Expertise:

2D Animation Motion Graphics

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Julian has always loved film

Before becoming a full time video editor and animator, he spent a year just soaking up knowledge on the sets of advertisement shoots, music videos and films. He cites cinematography in particular as one of his passions. From this experience, he learned to appreciate just how much work goes into a one single shot. He began to understand that creating a movie, commercial or video clip is in fact a team effort, requiring the concerted skills of a whole range of different talents.

Julian then recognized an opportunity for himself to exercise his own talents in the form of video editing and animation. Due to the fact that people love to connect and share media, he finds that the ever-evolving realm of video today is much more challenging, and therefore exciting.

It’s [Bunny Studio] a new model, an example of the changes video and film-making always experience, applied to an online platform that invites clients and talents to meet through the internet and get the job done.

How Bunny Studio helped Julian hone his purpose

While Julian had youth and enthusiasm on his side, he was somewhat lacking in quality experience. It was one thing to score jobs, but another to get the kind of work that would help him grow as an editor and progress in his career.

A prior positive experience meeting and working with members of Bunny Studio helped Julian decide to take up more challenges with the company. So far, he finds that the most valuable aspect of the experience is the ability to apply things he learned only as academic concepts to his work, thereby enhancing his skills.

He also states that Bunny Studio allowed him the opportunity to discover new markets and clients both local and international. He adds that without the studio as his freelance partner, these opportunities wouldn’t actually be possible for him in his current circumstances.

They’ve been really open to adapting their tools, database, talents and network to this initiative, hoping to help the clients and providers have the best communication to ensure the project is directed to the best result. For me, it’s probably the most useful, secure and rewarding experience.

Bunny Studio is helping to get quality video content out into the world

Video is only set to become more popular, and Bunny Studio has embraced this reality with open arms. Julian says that with people feeling so comfortable getting and producing information through visuals, both the clients and the talent must be ready to step up to produce the best possible work.

He shares that Bunny Studio is really helpful as the mediator between clients and talent. Well-versed in the online ecosystem, Julian sees Bunny Studio as an agent of transformation. A catalyst that is helping to transform the way we talk, play, relate and work.

He looks forward to scoring a more diverse range of projects, while developing his knowledge and skill-set, staying one step ahead of content trends. Maybe even setting some trends of his own!

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