How Bunny Studio Helped Katie Gaskin Find Her Calling

Freelance voice talent Katie Gaskin didn’t always know what she wanted to do. All that changed after joining the Bunny Studio in 2015. Today, she’s found her purpose in a workplace that gives her the space to spread her wings. This is Katie’s story.


April 2015



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97% (3,820 projects)


English - North America

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Katie didn’t start out wanting to be a voice over talent.

In fact, she wasn’t in the industry or any of its peripheries at all.

While some people have a clear path and purpose in life, many others struggle with finding their true passion. Katie Gaskin was one of the latter, hopping from job to job after graduating from a major that didn’t lead to a career in her desired field.

Although she had held positions in banking and hospitality, none of them lasted very long. It was clear to her that none of her work was fulfilling; none of the jobs she had fit her in a way that satisfied her goals and passions. Professionally, she did not know what she really wanted to do with life.

After being laid off a job, a serendipitous encounter with a friend led Katie to try applying to Bunny Studio. Back then, the creative outsourcing platform was still relatively new, and was known as VoiceBunny. For Katie, it was where she found her spark of inspiration.

I found my calling at Bunny Studio. It’s helped me grow, as a person, and as a professional. I’ve never, so effortlessly, loved a job so much. Finding purpose in voice work at Bunny Studio helped me shift my focus from the dreams I’d lost, to the dreams I’d gained in finally finding a workplace where I felt like I belonged and thrived.

Bunny Studio creates an environment that helped Katie thrive

It’s not unusual for a freelance platform to put clients first; after all there can be no profit without happy clients. Where Bunny Studio truly stands out is how they also understand that it is important to take good care of their talent as well.

Katie shares that she finds that most websites she has tried simply act as a platform where clients and freelance talent can connect with each other. This hands-off approach means that the client and talent are made to negotiate with each other without mediation, hash out terms and conditions and hopefully stay cordial and professional through the entire project, all without assurance that either side will hold up their end of the bargain.

She enjoys the fact that the Bunny Studio is not just in business to produce creative work fast and cheap, but is also concerned with the welfare of its freelancers. She lauds the fact that a project manager is placed in charge of each piece of work. They are in direct contact with both clients and talent, ensuring a smooth process throughout. Everyone’s well taken care of.

Bunny Studio lays the terms out on both sides very clearly, and is there for you with a small, loving team, every step of the way, to make sure no one feels short-changed, and that both the voice actor and the client are satisfied and happy!

Like Katie, Bunny Studio could help you discover where you shine​

Katie’s story shows that sometimes, you don’t find your purpose but your purpose finds you.

She’s enjoyed 6 years providing voice over to professional and technical videos, creating character voices for video games, and more. And because she came fresh into the voice over industry, without formal training, she’s been able to really put her own personal spin on to each project type.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a place where you can thrive, Bunny Studio could be the home you’ve been looking for.

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